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An Expert POV From Orienteering To Oar Boarding : Take A Look at Sports That Start with an ‘O’

It is the season to be active and outdoors! If you are looking for some exciting least hottest sports that you can enjoy with other people or on your own, then take a look at our list with a twist- sports that start with O! Yes, that is right! Let’s take a look at sports that start with an ‘O’. Here is a list full of activities that requires mental toughness and that start with O for you try out!

1. Open Water Swimming

Swimming is a great way to workout and it is one of the best solo sports while relaxing your whole body. But why not make it fun? Open water swimming is a professional sport of sort where you swim in the open waters such as in a sea, ocean, lake etc. A lot of swimmers say that it is an excellent way to feel mentally refreshed and meet new people with same passion! However, you should only try it if you know how to swim. Open water swimming is different than swimming in a pool, so this definitely not a sport for amateurs to try out!

2. Orienteering

This is a perfect activity and best sports starting with o for those who love exploring new places or try out new adventures! and it is one of the most safest sports for kids. Orienteering involves the use of a compass and an orienteering map in an unfamiliar setting where the objective is to reach the set destination. To make things interesting, you can make it a competition with the winner being the group that reaches the course first in the shortest time possible. This challenging activity really exercises your mind as well as your body!

3. One Day International Cricket

This is for all the cricket lovers out there and also a popular sport that start with o! ODI is a type of Cricket where matches take place in a day; two teams play against each other in game of 20 overs or 50 overs per team. Cricket is an emerging sport with a lot of youngsters who play it daily while others pursuing it professionally. So, if you are looking for an active sport to learn that is fun yet challenging, then this is for you!

4. Outdoor Track and Field

This involves a series of track and field activities such as jumping, sprinting and other sports that are normally featured in Olympics. This is an ideal sport with a number of activities to participate in, especially for those who are looking to stay fit or are just highly competitive. Track and field events and competitions take place where a number of players participate for the games.

5. Oil Wrestling

While this is a sports beginning with o and is not something everyone would try, however it definitely hits our list of unique and fun Sports for 2 Players that start with O! Oil Wrestling which originated from Turkey and is still played nationally in the country involves wrestlers who fight with each other covered in oil. Oil or grease makes it hard for a person to grab onto another which is why this is a difficult sport where physical strength is required and some clever tricks up your sleeves!

6. Oar Boarding

This water sport is something that a lot of people have not heard about. It is a combination of paddle boarding and rowing where a person turns the paddle into a rower. If you are looking for an individual sport to try out, then this is the perfect choice to go for.  However, keep in mind the safety concern behind this sport. As the person is riding on high waves hence, drowning can be a potential risk.

7. Outrigger Canoeing

This is a fun group sport activity that you can try out with your friends or family members. So, what is about? It includes riding a canoe which is supported by a single or few outriggers on the sides by a group of passengers. It is a pleasant experience as you can control the speed of the boat while enjoying the view and if you are feeling competitive, you can form teams and race your way through the great waters with the winner decided as the team who reaches a set finishing line the fastest!

8. Obstacle Course Racing

This is for the fitness freaks out there who enjoy a good run with some physical challenges in the way! Obstacle course racing combines different sports in one where a runner has to go through different activities which usually get harder step by step. Challenges such as monkey bars, wall climbing, tire carries, mud run or racing on an unpaved terrain etc. may include in the course race. There is no specific length of the race, set obstacles or the number of players in obstacle course racing.

If these unique sports that are both group and one-man-sports are not challenging or exciting enough for you, then try below a few of ‘off-road sports’ that are surely worth the adventure!

9. Off-road Triathlon

This 3 in 1 sports marathon will surely leave you gasping for breath! Off-road triathlon is one of the giant outdoor games and it consists of a series of active sports beginning with swimming which takes in an open water body such as a sea, lake or river. Second on the list is trail running which takes place on an uneven track. The triathlon is finished off with mountain biking, which involves riding bicycle on some of the most rugged roads located in the mountains.

10. Off-road Boarding

This sport is also known as mountainboarding. It consists of a special board which has four wheels with pneumatic tires, bindings to control the board and decks. Off-road boarding, just as the name suggests is riding a board on various terrains such as mountain bike trails, slopestyle parks, tracks etc. This is an ideal sport for those who want to try out surfing, snowboarding or skating without riding on water, snow or sand.

11. Off-road Racing

This exciting sport is for those who love driving cars and racing!  This type of racing usually is one of the least popular sports in the united states and it takes place in different terrains which makes it a unique type of car racing. Off-road racing events are held in different parts of the world in some of the most unique locations. Dakar Rally Race is said to be the hardest car racing event which usually lasts up to 10-14 days with passengers covering around 8,000 km distance in some of the most difficult terrains out there!

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