Boarding Into Fun: Discovering the Sports that Uses a Board

Do you have a knack for adventure? Or if you are looking for board-based activities to try out, then read below some of the most popular yet unique board sports that are played around the world!

These fun-filled activities involve sports with a board on water, air and land!

1. Skateboarding

This is one of the most popular recreational sportsthat is recognized in all parts of the world. Skateboarding goes back to 1950s as it was originated in the US and debuted as an Olympic sport in 2021.

So, what is so exciting about this sport? the board which has four wheels allows the players to jump, move and perform different tricks. You can ride the board anywhere as long as it is safe with safety precautions to be taken such as wearing a helmet while skateboarding. From street competitions to national contests, skateboarding has become a sport that is enjoyed by a lot of people around the world, with the establishment of different skate parks where players perform and compete in front of an audience.  

2. Snowboarding

This is a difficult activity to try out so if you are looking to do something adventurous, then snowboarding is a perfect choice! This winter sport is done on a snowy area from a surface up high such as a mountain with slopes.

The key is to switch your body weight from one side to the other while aligning your front side to the mountains. The board used for snowboarding is larger than a regular board with bindings attached to it for a better grip. Snowboarding requires other necessary equipment such as appropriate jackets and boots. This is why it is considered as a costly sport as compared to other board activities.

3. Surfing

A popular water sport which involves the use of boards. Surfing is an ideal choice for People who live near water. A lot of the locals usually surf in their routine. This is a great way to work out while enjoying outdoors or spend some quality time with family or friends. While it easy to learn, you should not underestimate this sport. Surfing is usually done near the shore side where the waves are strong; this helps the surfer jump and move around with speed.

4. Sandboarding

This is truly a unique way to try out a board sport. Sandboarding is done in places where there is a lot of sand which is why it is usually done on desert areas. So, at your next vacation if you find yourself spending a day at a desert, take a board and have some fun! This extreme sport requires good balance and coordination. While riding the board, you can use both of your feet or stand loose. You can ride while standing up or bending down on the board.

5. River boarding

Swim your way through a water surface while riding a board! River boarding is done on torrential water waves such as in a river which causes the board to move while the person wears fins on their feet to steer their body along the water. This sport is perfect for those who know how to swim and are learning how to surf. This is a relaxing yet fun way to try out a new sport while getting some exercise done!

6. Sky Surfing

Think of skydiving and snowboarding but make it a combo! Sky surfing is truly for those people to try who like to live on the edge and experience new adventures! This sport involves a custom surfboard which is attached to a surfer’s feet as they jump into the air and freefall in the sky. The skydiver should be able to control their body and the board which is important as it helps to open the parachute in a stable and secure way.

7. Mountainboarding

Also known as All Terrain Boarding or Dirt-boarding, this active sport involves the use of a modified surfboard with decks, bindings, bigger wheels with pneumatic tires and two steering mechanisms called trucks. The idea behind this sport is to try surfing, skating or snowboarding without actually riding in water, snow or sand. Mountainboarders try riding on different on a various terrain which such as streets, woodlands, mountain bike trails, slopestyle parks, border cross tracks etc.

Supercruiser Inc. was the first company to create an “All Terrain Dirtboard” in 1989. This led to the concept of off-road or mountainboarding to spread in different parts of the world.

8. Paddleboarding

This is a fun water sport that is not that hard to learn. Paddleboarding involves paddling your way through a water surface. This is a great way to exercise your whole body with really working out your arms. This sport can be done while lying down on the board or kneeling down. A certain balance has to be maintained in order to prevent tipping off the board. While paddleboarding is a great water sports to enjoy with a view, one should stay clear of bad weather which could cause it to become a dangerous thing to ride on.

9. Caster boarding

This is a two wheeled board with a unique design that rotates 360 degrees. Th decks are attached with the help of a torsion bar in the center which has a metal beam covered with a rubber material. These human powered boards are also known as wave boards, J-boards or RipSticks. Caster boards are common among kids. Although it’s safer and the person has better grip of the board, just like with skateboarding for safety, helmets and knee or elbow pads must be used especially for kids.

10. Hoverboard

These are not your average boards as they are built with the latest technology and design! Hoverboards became a must-have gadget in 2015, attracting kids of all ages and young adults. It is an ecofriendly way to travel around which makes it so special. However, it does not come cheap and require a great deal of practice to really master it. The motor inside the board allows the wheels to move which causes the person to stand in a stable position. It requires balance so make sure to practice in the presence of someone else with caution especially for kids!

These sports surely fit the criteria for those looking to try something different and exciting in different outdoor settings!

Note that while these are all exhilarating board sports with some that are easy to learn, while some are a bit dangerous, use of safety gears and equipment to carry out such activities should not be taken lightly. These board sports are not for everyone to try out especially kids so ride on your own risk!

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Written by Openiun