• How Are We Using Science to Make Our Everyday Life Easier?

    No one can deny the important role played by science in the very basic needs of our daily lives. Science has had an impact on everything which includes food, transportation, energy, leisure activities, medicine, technology, sports and much more. Improvement of human life is undoubtedly revolving around science. Approximately everything that we do every day […] More

  • What are the Top Ten Safest Sports for Kids?

    Playing sports from a very young age certainly has plus points for both the kids and parents. It aids in the healthy growth of children, while staying active both indoors and outdoors. This allows for parents to have some adult time, keeping the kids busy in a beneficial way! Hence, we have complied a list […] More

  • Empowering Girls in Youth Sports: Breaking Gender Barriers

    Sports is an excellent way to get some quality physical and mental exercise with a range of activities to choose from. While people from around the world are opting for different sports as a full-time profession, there is no doubt that the sports industry is dominated by men. However, women in sports are on the […] More

  • The Evolution of Two-Person Sports: From Ancient Origins to Modern Thrills

    The history of two-person sports dates back to the ancient world with a range of activities. Sports, an excellent combination of entertainment and exercise has many forms and has changed numerous times over the years. From traditional sports to modern sports to Olympic sports, we will cover the most popular and engaging two player sports […] More

  • Friends and Fun: Creating Memorable Moments Without Gadgets

    Tired of social media and mobile games? Looking for some fun things to do with your friends that doesn’t involve using your phone? Well, look no more! Below is a list of fun games and activities that includes fun sports for 2 players and other sports for you to try out with your friends which […] More

  • The Great Outdoors: A Playground for Family Bonding

    It is said that spending some time outside every day can help you freshen your mind as well as your body. Moreover, what better way to spend some quality time outside bonding with kids and family members than with some classic outdoor family activities! Here is our list of some of the most popular and […] More

  • A Look at Sports That Start with an ‘O’

    It is the season to be active and outdoors! If you are looking for some exciting least hottest sports that you can enjoy with other people or on your own, then take a look at our list with a twist- sports that start with O! Yes, that is right! Let’s take a look at sports […] More

  • Boarding Into Fun: Discovering the Sports that Uses a Board

    Do you have a knack for adventure? Or if you are looking for board-based activities to try out, then read below some of the most popular yet unique board sports that are played around the world! These fun-filled activities involve sports with a board on water, air and land! 1. Skateboarding This is one of […] More

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