What are the Top Ten Safest Sports for Kids?

Playing sports from a very young age certainly has plus points for both the kids and parents. It aids in the healthy growth of children, while staying active both indoors and outdoors. This allows for parents to have some adult time, keeping the kids busy in a beneficial way! Hence, we have complied a list of the safest sports that are child friendly sports, including some for even toddlers while most for elementary kids and teens!

1. Softball

While this sport is similar to baseball, there are few distinctions such as the ball used to play is slightly bigger than the one used for baseball. Moreover, it is played with a lightweight bat in a smaller field, making it a better option for children to play. The rules for this team game are simple: it is played in teams of 2 player or with around 10 players. The aim is to hit the ball with the bat and then run around the bases, completing a full round in time.

2. Swimming

This is one of the friendliest sports that is ideal for beginners and kids. It is also a great way to exercise and enjoy a part of your day in the pool. You can also make your toddler learn swimming, of course, under your supervision with protective swimming gear. Basic swimming moves such as floating or moving from one point to another can be easily taught to toddlers. This is a fun family sport which is safe for kids!

3. Tennis

This friendly racket sport is a great option for kids. Some experts say that around the age of 5-6 years, kids can start playing fast-paced sports such as tennis. However, to be on the safer side, playing with training rackets, balls and nets that have a small height in the beginning can be easier to learn for children. This active sport can be played between two players or four which makes it a fun group activity among kids!

4. Running

The simplest yet healthiest sport is undoubtedly running. Once toddlers have learned how to walk properly, you can let them run in a safe and restricted space. It is stated that the more you let them run, the happier they will be! Moreover, running and jumping is a great activity for kids which helps them with their coordination and movement. It also keeps their bones and heart healthy!

5. Cycling

This kid friendly sport is the easiest way to stay fit. Cycling is something that you see a lot of children doing outdoors in parks or on pathways, which makes it a safe sport to engage in. Children can be taught this sport from a small age and can ride it on their own for hours!

6. Netball

This ball sport is played with two teams of 7 players in each. It is a non-contact sport that requires teamwork and coordination while shooting or passing the ball in a court with goals in each end.

There are some rules for netball that everyone should know while playing the game:

  • You cannot dribble or run with the ball.
  • The ball must be passed within 3 seconds.
  • There should be no contact among the players.

This is an excellent way of promoting teamwork and group activity among kids while getting them to exercise.

7. Golf

This recreational sport that is played outdoors is a safe activity for kids to learn. With no hard and fast rules, golf is a pleasant activity that can be learned in no time. It is played on a course with a lot of greenery. A club is used to the hit the ball inside a series of holes on the course. However, being a pro at golf can be a challenging task which requires a lot of practice. The benefit of learning this sport is that your kids can learn how to focus while striking the shot.

8. Catch

This super easy game can be played among children and parents, with no limit to the number of players or age! The basic game of catching and throwing the ball is a good way to improve listening skills; it requires the players to make a circle with the person in the center of the circle to begin the game. There are few rules for this sport which makes it a bit challenging yet interesting:

  • If the person throwing it says ‘Push’, then the person receiving it should catch it.
  • If the person throwing it says ‘Catch’, then the person receiving it should push it back.
  • Whoever does the wrong action gets sit out till the next round which starts when there is only one person left.

9. Cheerleading

You may wonder why this dance activity is in the list of safe sports, but a cheerleading routine requires a combination of dancing and gymnastics which has a lot of physical activity involved. This safe sport, with a very less chance of injuries is fun to learn and practice for little girls which is also a means of motivation for the other players and a source of entertainment for the audience. Cheerleading requires team effort, even if one member of the group is not in sync with others, then the whole dance could go

10. Track and Field

Track and field sports involve sprinting, jumping, running and throwing objects. These are popular sports that are commonly played in schools which makes it fit for elementary kids and teens. These sports are featured in Olympics and other World Championship contests around the world which makes it a great opportunity for kids to learn and make a career out of it! With not much equipment and props required, these are easy for beginners but these activities require dedication, endurance, practice and agility!   

While these are safe activities to try out, kids’ sports safety is still something that should not be overlooked. You should make sure that your little ones are wearing the right gear or equipment and under guidance when playing these sports!

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Written by Openiun