Viewpoint: Are boys really better at sports than girls?

Sports is an activity that is loved by both boys and girls as it makes them feel refreshed and energized. We now see that girls also energetically participate in sports and achieve a lot on their part in the world of sports.

However, there are certain facts that cannot be denied. Upon studying the human brain structure for both of the genders separately, the scientists have found out that by birth there are some aspects that let them behave in a totally different way.

It is not only the behavior, it also affects their liking and disliking of particular activities. Boys like to play outdoors and other things that define their masculinity while on the other hand girls are more attracted towards delicate things and prefer to stay indoors. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t go and play outdoors but here we are talking in comparison.

Biological Difference

The world has changed now and so is the perceptions. Women around the world are now more actively participating in sports and they are encouraged and their achievements are recognized in a much better way than in earlier times.

One of the man things that give men an edge over the women is their biological structures. However, this is in contradiction to the animal kingdom where females are bigger in size than their males. In humans – who are obviously better than animals in all aspects – men have bigger body structures than women.

These are the facts that makes them better athletes and that they are physically strong, having more level of energies as compared to women. In the same way, when it comes to gymnastic, women have a much more flexible body that makes them extremely good at this particular kind of sports.

An Equal Match

It is the rapid growth and muscle development in boys meant they began to surpass the performance of girls as soon as they have entered their teenage. However, there a study was conducted at Indiana University of Bloomington that tells us a whole new story. It says that men and women can also be an equal match when it comes to sports (in a specific condition).

This is what a lead author and a professor, Joel Stager in the School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation at Indiana University at Bloomington quoted to ABC News

“Due to differences in developmental pace it seems to be true that at least in some sports there are periods of time during which girls and boys might be athletic equals.”

Factors (other than muscle power) that improve performance of athletes

Well, we know that the world of sports doesn’t only revolve around the muscle factor and there are a lot of other things that can affect an individual’s athletic performance. The researchers have attentively surveyed and found out that It is a mixture of passion, dedication, strategy and cleverness that helps you perform better in games.

In fact, it is also in accordance with the perceptions. You have to have a strong mind to win a particular competition and even if you are not winning at least one thing that satisfies you is knowing the fact that at least you have tried. These are all the essential qualities to be a good athlete, making many female athletes as strong or stronger than males.

Is it all about winning or losing?

It is not only the thing that we teach our children but it is an actual reality that sports participation isn’t just about winning or losing. A survey indicates that triggering the activeness in individuals improves self-confidence, social behavior, problem-solving skills, get them disciplined and making them able to manage the level of stress in a lot better way. Making young boys and girls play together while letting them compete as equals helps in promoting positivity and equality in our society.

The difference has always been there…

After all that we have read and came to know about going through these facts, it has to be clearly understood that the difference between men and women is pretty evident from the time of their adolescence till the last breath of their lives. These differences impact the way they perform in multiple activities in their daily routine.

Women may not be able to jump as high or run or swim as fast as men do, but this doesn’t make them weaker than their male counterparts because there are sports like motor sports and shooting, where women actually have a chance in performing equal or better than men.

Change in perception

Everything has changed in today’s world and today now people actually show more respect and honor towards the women playing sports. So, now if we hear about a boy and a girl competing each other in a particular sport, then we will just be saying, “May the best player win.”


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