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  • Hurdle sport | Solo sports | Team sports | openiun

    An Expert Opinion about Hurdling: The Untold Stories

    WHAT IS HURDLING AND THE RULES FOR THE SPORT? Hurdling is an active sport that is an ideal part of a fitness routine or as a professional sport being part of Athletics – a series of track and field activities. To put it simply, hurdling is the practice of running and jumping over a hurdle/obstacle. […] More

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    Unleashing the Roar: Why Akron Stadium is the best option for athletes?

    ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT AKRON STADIUM Estadio Akron (Spanish for Akron Stadium) is a sports stadium located in Zapopan, Mexico. Built in 2010, it was previously known as Estadio Omni life and Estadio Chivas. The name changed to Akron Stadium in 2017, reportedly due to a sponsorship deal signed with a car lubricant company. The […] More

  • How is America’s Sports Obsession trending with time: An Expert Opinion

    America’s sports obsession is real and something that doesn’t go unnoticed around the country. There are two types of sports in the US: professional sports and amateur sports. The market for professional sports in the United States is estimated to be around $69 billion (Wikipedia). Amateur sports are also played on a large scale with […] More

  • Is Bowling Truly a Sport | Team sports | Least popular sport | openiun

    Cracking the Debate: Is Bowling Truly a Sport?

    Bowling is a popular recreational activity. A great way to connect with friends or family is over a competitive game of bowling. It is regarded as one of those activities that you can play spontaneously – with no prior preparations, and people of all ages can engage in it. Bowling is seen as both a […] More

  • Youth sport | Team sport | Least popular sport | Sports on Every Kid's | openiun

    From Field to Future: The Impact of Sports on Every Kid’s Growth

    There are some amazing benefits of playing sports for kids from a young age! Sports help children become healthy and active. Getting physical exercise is necessary, and this is ideally done by playing sports which also prevents them from getting ill as their immunity is strengthened. Moreover, it helps to stay away from screens and […] More

  • water rafting | Team sports | Least popular sports | openiun

    Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports You Should Know

    Exploring Extreme Sports Dangers Extreme sports are some of the most unique and exciting sports that can take place on land, water, and in the air. While these are some of the most exhilarating activities that one should try out at least once in their lifetime, these are also some of the most dangerous sports […] More

  • Breathing in sports | solo sports | least popular sports | openiun

    Peak Performance: The Role of Better Breathing in Sports

    Ever felt like out of breath when you had just started running? It happens to the best of us. But what this means is that your stamina is too low and your breathing patterns are off! So, what can you do about it? Research shows that practicing several breathing techniques can improve performance in exercising […] More

  • origin or cricket, cricket, batsman | Clothing | solo sports | pro sports | least popular sports | openiun

    Top Must-Have Gears for Aspiring Athletes of Pro Sports

    Branding Tactics for Pro Sports Sports marketing and advertising has greatly evolved over time with a number of sport retail shops and brands investing in it. This is due to the rise of so many popular solo sports and team sports, spreading to all parts of the world. In big countries such as US, there […] More

  • Chess as a Sport | Least popular Sports | Openiun

    The Old Debate: Is Chess Truly a Sport?

    We have talked about different, unique sports that have been played for centuries and decades, their rules and popularity in different countries. While we discussed some of the most renowned sports and some of the least popular sports. Today, we will talk about a popular activity that many people are curious about whether it is […] More

  • indoor sports | solo sports | least popular sports | openiun

    Top 10 Health Benefits of Indoor Sports

    Indoor sports events and games can be maintained properly as compared to outdoor sports. While outdoor sports are a great way to spend time outside in nature and the sun, we think that indoor sports also have their own set of advantages. There is a reason why some of the most popular sports are played […] More

  • Global Sports Connections | Least Popular sports | Openiun

    The Impact of Sports in Building Global Connections

    Sports play an important role in a large number of countries around the world. The invention of different sports has greatly changed the society and the people worldwide While the main benefit or purpose of sports is to stay fit, there is no doubt that it has led to making new connections at a global […] More

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