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Outstanding Sports That Start with ‘O’: Unveiling Exciting Options

Sports are a great way to improve your physical as well as mental well-being. In addition to that, it is a great way to spend some quality time with your family or bond with your friends. If you are searching for some unique sports to try out, read below our compilation of sports starting with O!

From professional sports to water sports, we are sure that these activities are worth your time and effort!

1. Ocean Rowing

This is one of the a great least hottest sports which is not easy to master! From planning to movement, ocean rowing involves a lot of technique and strength. For those of you who don’t know what it is, ocean rowing includes a boat with rowers on-board. A typical boat supports around 4 rowers but some big boats can host up to 14 rowers, depending on the size and how robust it is.This game can be played as a  two person team sports as well.

So what’s so great about this sport? You are rowing a boat in the ocean, a sport dating back to 1986 when the first ocean rowing activity took place. This is a great way to exercise while enjoying a perfect view. There are ocean rowing races and competitions held in different parts of the world!

2. Orienteering

This unique yet adventurous outdoor activity is similar to a scavenger hunt but make it big-scale. The best thing about it is that you can do it as a solo sports activity or in groups which makes it a perfect sport to try out with your friends and family.

So what exactly is orienteering? You set on a journey, with the use of a map and compass, as you navigate your way across an unknown area. This is great activity for those who have a knack for exploring new places. You have to reach your destination in the shortest time possible.

3. Outdoor Track and Field

If you’re looking for something that will improve your athletic pursuits, then this is the ultimate sports for you to try out!

This Olympic and national sport features different track and field contests involving running, jumping and throwing etc. Competitions vary in players and games but it all comes down to how athletic you are!

4. Open Water Swimming

Another professional sports that takes place in the great outdoors. Open water swimming is done in any water body other than a regular swimming pool which is what makes it so exciting yet difficult.

You can try out this sport in any open sea, ocean, river or lake as long as you dare to. Open water swimming competitions are also held which are way more difficult than the indoor swimming pool ones since you cannot control the temperature, follow your lane or predict the weather.

5. Obstacle Race

This is all about creativity and the difficulty level of the game; obstacle race is a popular sports that is commonly held in a lot of schools and universities. The race involves different movements such as jumping, running, ducking, climbing etc. as the player overcomes various hurdles that are placed in their way. The goal is to be as fast as you can in reaching the finish line.

6. Off-road Racing

This exhilarating sport is ideal for those who have a passion for car racing. Off-road racing takes place in unique locations across the earth. This is a great way to test your limits while discovering new places and sceneries. So if you think have what it takes, set on the journey of off-road racing and experience car driving like never before!

7. Oil Wrestling

This may sound like an unusual sport which it is and a lot of people have not heard about it but it really does exist and is a national Turkish sport! Wrestlers compete with each other while being covered in oil which makes it harder to grab the opponent, so all in all this is a tough sport, also known as ‘grease wrestling’. This sport can be include in  games to play with friends without anything.

8. Outrigger Canoeing

Another water sports which is quite similar to ocean rowing. This is a great, casual sport for you to try out on your next vacation. A canoe supports teams of up to 2 or 6 people that use outriggers to manoeuvre their way. These long poles on the sides help the canoe and passengers on-board from tipping over while also navigating the way ahead.

9. Obstacle Golf

Just like the name suggests, this is an adaption of the classic game of golf with the use of obstacles. Compared to golf, it is smaller in size with hurdles placed in the way of the hole. So if you are looking for a solo activity which is new and fun or a casual hang out with friends, then this is the sport for you!

10. Off-road Triathlon

Another off-road sports that is not something to be taken lightly. The triathlon features a series of sports, usually starting off with swimming which is not your usual swimming pool lap but it takes place in some open water body such as a sea, lake or an ocean. Then followed by biking on mountains which have rugged roads. Finally, trail running on unpaved areas.

This sport is for only those who really have what it takes and energetic and fit enough to participate in such sports.

11. Oina

A traditional Romanian sports that is unique yet similar to a baseball game. This team sport requires the use of a softball which is known as the ‘point’. So how is it played? There are usually teams of 2 with around 11 players in each group. One team is in charge of throwing the ball while the other time is for catching. Just like in a baseball game, the points are scored by hitting the ball, while the runners move around the designated bases as fast as they can.

Although a game played in parts of Romania, you can try out Oina for your next family or friends’ gathering, f you are looking for something unique yet fun. This physical game is also a great way to get some exercise while bonding with others.

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Written by Usama

Usama J. is a passionate writer about the sports and works as an in house sports journalist at Openiun, and covered many international sporting events including ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2022.