Go Big or Go Home: Exploring the World of Giant Outdoor Games

Thinking of ways to make outdoor games with your friends and family more exciting and challenging? Well, we have just the list for you! Find below some of the most creative and out of the box giant outdoor games for you and your people to try out!

1. Twister

Board game but make it bigger! This giant game is perfect to play outdoors with your friends and family. Set up the twister mat in your lawn or backyard. The rules for this game are simple yet fun that even kids can play for hours on their own! Just make sure that everyone is flexible enough to play it as this game requires a lot of stretching.

To start, player face each other outside the mat. A person appointed as a referee tells which body part and color to follow with the help of the spinner. The players are required to step on the circles as directed by the referee. Whoever has their knee or elbow touch the mat gets out!

2. Jumping Castle

This classic giant, backyard entertainment surely brings joy to the children and adults! This popular structure is ideal for special occasions such as birthday parties. A jumping castle has different sizes and designs but the bigger it is, the more fun! Apart from endless hours of jumping in it, one can come up with interesting, engaging games inside the castle.

3. Giant Inflatable Bowling Set

Indoor bowling is a lot of fun but the good news is that you can enjoy it outside too with an oversized inflatable bowling set! This set that you can purchase from a store buy online contains giant bowling pins to play with and it is a great way to keep your kids busy outside. The fun part is that they can play it however way they want to!

4. Cornhole

This popular lawn game can be termed as games to play with friends without anything with limit to no age! Just get a few bean bags and an angled board that has a hole in it.

So how is it played? The game can be played with individual players or between different teams. Players have to throw the bean bags one by one and make sure that it gets inside the hole within 20 seconds.  Players/teams take turn to play.

5. Giant Dart Board

You can find this online or at a superstore easily; this oversized board is the ultimate piece to hang in your backyard or lawn which can be played as two person team sports with people of all ages and at any type of gathering! The giant board ensures safety as Velcro balls are used that stick to the board rather than the original sharp darts which can be dangerous for kids or cause damage outdoors.

6. Snooker

If you want a casual yet entertaining session with your friends every now and then, then we suggest having a big snooker table installed in your outside space for maximum fun! Snooker involves precision and technique. The player uses a cue stick to shoot a cue ball towards a set number of balls in form of a triangle, the goal is to get the balls inside the nets that re placed around the corners of the table. Players take turn to play the game and whoever score the most points wins.

7. Frisbee Golf

Frisbee Golf is aa game inspired by two of some popular games- Frisbee and Golf. While a Frisbee is a simple game with no specific rules it can be really interesting to play with golf. So how is it played? Place some oversized objects such as empty laundry baskets in an open space that are to be considered as ‘holes’. With the frisbee from a distance, you have to hit the holes. Players can take turns or hit at the time with the winner being the player who has the highest number of throws obtained.

8. Hula Hoops

This oversized circle sport is a fun way to play games while burning some calories and even it can include in fun games for 7-year-olds. Just take a hula hoop and place it around your waist and move, making sure that it doesn’t slip off or touches the ground. With a hula hoop, you can get creative and come up with different exciting games, that can be enjoyed by both adults and kids such as a basic hula hoop competition, musical hula hoop or an obstacle race.

Still can’t get enough of the existing giant, outdoor games? We have a few Do it Yourself (DIY) ideas for giant outdoor games to play with others or simply if you are looking for unique things to do you can build your own oversized gaming tools with your friends and family in no time!

9. DIY Jenga Game

You may have played the regular Jenga blocks indoors that can easily be placed on a center table or a similar thing of sort. For those of you who love playing Jenga especially, why not take things up a notch?  you can create your own giant sized Jenga for your next family or friends’ gathering outside!

Just take 2×4 boards and cut out around 54 Jenga pieces, then stack up the pieces in rows of 3, making sure that the direction of the pieces is alternating in each layer. Then what’s left is for you to win!

10. DIY Tic Tac Toe Game

Tic Tac Toe is a favorite pastime game for a lot of people. You can create your own tic tac toe game at home for outdoors. All that is needed is a few pieces of sticks, tape and a few crosses and circles. Assemble the game by sectioning the sticks and applying tape on the edges just like a regular drawn tic tac toe. Use the giant crosses and circles of even numbers to play the game and have some fun. It is good way to give your mind some mental exercise while joining on the fun. This game is for 2 players but you can take turns and have endless minutes of entertainment!

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