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    Lehigh County, located in Pennsylvania, is regarded as the top place to live in the state. It has a flourishing cultural setting, with diverse activities including art museums, stage theaters, and amusement parks with top-notch coasters and water slides. It is also home to a lot of sports leagues, some prominent ones including baseball and […] More

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    Beyond the Norm: Why These Weird Sports Are Trending

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    Swinging Success: The Science Behind Perfecting Your Sports Ball Game!

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  • Champions Unveiled: Tracing the Legacy of America’s Cup Winners

    America’s Cup, formerly known as the Hundred Guinea Cup, is one of the oldest competitions that was founded in 1851. America’s Cup is an internationally recognized sailing yacht racing competition. The race takes place between two sailing yachts – one yacht club that challenges the other club, which is the yacht club that possesses the […] More

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    Fast and Feathered: The Unusual Allure of Ostrich Racing

    Welcome to yet another unusual sport that fits our category of some of the least popular sports in the world! Ostrich racing is a competitive sport that involves racing with others on the back of an ostrich – just like horse racing or on wagons with wheels. Ostriches are classified as birds although they cannot […] More

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  • Soaring to New Heights: Mastering Depth Jumps for Athletic Excellence

    Depth jumps are a part of plyometric training (jump training) which is used in Weightlifting – a prominent sport in the Olympic Games. Depth jump involves jumping from a box or any elevated platform and upon landing doing a quarter squat. Then again jump in the air while lifting your arms above like in a […] More

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