• How Are We Using Science to Make Our Everyday Life Easier?

    No one can deny the important role played by science in the very basic needs of our daily lives. Science has had an impact on everything which includes food, transportation, energy, leisure activities, medicine, technology, sports and much more. Improvement of human life is undoubtedly revolving around science. Approximately everything that we do every day […] More

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  • The Importance of Bees for the Environment

    The natural ecosystem of planet Earth is based on many different components linked together to form a bubble of life. It involves different types of living organisms, such as plants, animals, insects, and even microscopic beings. It also depends on the geographic landscape and how it behaves, given its topographical features. Each year “World Bee […] More

  • 10 Coldest Places on Earth

    Do you think you can stand extremely cold temperatures? Well, you better give it a second thought because, in this article, we are to list down and discuss the 10 coldest places on Earth where the lowest temperatures ever have been recorded. You may want to put a coat on because we are about to […] More

  • Eco-friendly Alternatives to Everyday Items

    Along with making our homes eco-friendly, we should also try to make small changes in our day-to-day routine to adopt a lifestyle that is not harmful to the natural environment.  We can also take help from the “Waste Hierarchy” based on the very famous 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). We need to set our priorities […] More

  • A Guide on How to Stop Sleep Paralysis

    ‘Waking up dead’ No that’s not the title of an upcoming horror blockbuster movie, it’s a phrase people use to describe their experience of sleep paralysis. When one thinks of sleep they usually think of peace and relaxation whereas the second word in the compound of ‘sleep paralysis’ is as terrifying as things can get. […] More

  • Is it Possible for Humans to Travel at the Speed of Light?

    Most of us have at least once in our life experienced the unpredictability of the weather. When the heavens start pouring over the city and lightning flashes across the sky followed by the sounds of thunder? Yeah, it’s intentional that I wrote thunder follows lightning and not the other way around. What? You’ve never noticed […] More

  • 7 ​Career Paths You Can Take With a Chemistry Degree

    Many of us might have grown up listening to hackneyed phrases which constantly put some professions above others, but is that really true? What if you find your heart and soul in something scientific, like chemistry or biosciences while others want you to pick something that makes more money in less time like business or […] More