22 Of The Best Solo Sports For Individuals

Sports are a great way to have fun and stay active. While it is rewarding to be part of a team, playing solo has its own benefits. If you’re looking to work on some individual achievements and want to discipline yourself and increase endurance, sports that you can play by yourself are the way to go. So which solo sports are the best? Here are some ideas of the best solo sports you should check out if you haven’t already.

1. Running

solo sports for individuals, man running

One of the most popular solo sports for individuals there is, and definitely accessible no matter where you are. All you need is a pair of some good comfy running shoes and you’re good to go.

2. Skateboarding

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This sport may require some learning at the beginning if you don’t know how to skateboard, but once you get the hang of it, it can be a great way to spend an afternoon.

3. Gymnastics

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Work on your balance, flexibility, agility, and coordination by enrolling in gymnastics and keep your body healthy.

4. Roller Blading

Solo Sports for Individuals
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One of my favorite activities to do alone on a warm day. It’s even better if you can do it by a lake or the beach.

5. Track and Field

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If you like running but want to spice things up a bit, opt for doing track and field. The only downside to this sport is that you’ll need a track, which can be easily found if you have a school nearby.

6. Mountain Biking

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Bring out your adventurous side, grab your bike and go mountain biking. It’s a great way to exercise in nature, and you may even see some pretty sights along the way.

7. Swimming

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One of the best solo sports for individuals out there and a great way to work out your entire body while having fun.

8. Fishing

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Yes, fishing is actually a sport (in case you didn’t know). While not the most accessible, especially if you don’t have a body of water near you, it’s worth a shot and you might even develop a hobby out of it.

9. Rock Climbing

Climbing, Rope, Rappelling, Wall, Rock
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This is another sport that may not be as accessible but definitely a ton of fun and an interesting experience. Don’t try it if you’re scared of heights though.

10. Snowboarding

Snowboarding, Man, Winter
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The perfect activity for a winter afternoon, especially if you live somewhere where it snows often.

11. Golf

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While golf isn’t for everyone, it’s one of the best solo sports to try, if you’re not bored by it that is.

12.  Scuba Diving

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If you’re a water lover, then obviously you’ll enjoy this. You may have to get certified first before you attempt to go out on your own, but it’s all worth it if you’re a sucker for marine life and exploring the depths of bodies of water.

13. Boxing

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While boxing isn’t technically a solo sport as you need an opponent to box against, you can still train on your own using a punching bag and have fun. It’s a great way to gain some strength and muscle as opposed to traditional strength training.

14. Bicycling

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Not as adventurous as mountain biking, but still a lot of fun. All you need is a bike, and a helmet and you’re free to bike down whatever road you wish.

15. Surfing

Surfing, Sunset, Sea, Java Island
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If you love water and the beach, this one should be a no-brainer for you. It’s one of the best solo sports to do on your own.

16. Ice skating

Ice Skating, Ice-Skating, Skating
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Thanks to indoor ice rinks, you don’t always have to wait for winter to indulge in this activity. Learn some cool tricks and impress your friends and family.

17. Skiing

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The best winter activity to do, in my opinion, and a great way to increase your balance and core muscles.

18. Kayaking

Kayak, Kayaking, Paddle, Paddling
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If you enjoy nature and more mellow activities, kayaking is meant for you. Be sure to stick to calm bodies of water otherwise, it can get pretty rocky and tough.

19. Dancing

Solo Sports for Individuals
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The best way to burn those extra calories and get moving. Get your body coordinated and learn some funky moves to show off.

20. Archery

Archery, Hobby, Target, Woman, Archery
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A unique sport to try if you’re interested in learning the skill of using a bow to shoot an arrow. Archery can help boost your hand-eye coordination as well as your patience and focus.

21. Paddle Boarding

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Similar to kayaking, but instead you stand on a surfboard and propel yourself around using a paddle. A fun sport to do on those hot summer days.

22. Diving

Solo Sports for Individuals
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If you’re not up to scuba diving in the ocean, then regular diving in a pool may interest you more. Diving combines gymnastics with acrobatic stunts and can be a fun competitive sport if you already enjoy swimming.

That concludes my list of some of the best solo sports for individuals out there. They can be a fun, exciting, and enjoyable way of keeping yourself in shape and the best part is that you don’t need to rely on others to enjoy them. What are some of your favorite solo sports to play?


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