• Paris 2024 Olympic Games: Here’s What to Look Forward to

    The much-awaited Summer Olympic Games are back this year after the recent Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022 Summer and Winter Olympic Games editions. The post-COVID period has been challenging and uncertain but gear up for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games – taking place this year at one of the most picturesque and inspirational cities in […] More

  • Fast and Feathered: The Unusual Allure of Ostrich Racing

    Welcome to yet another unusual sport that fits our category of some of the least popular sports in the world! Ostrich racing is a competitive sport that involves racing with others on the back of an ostrich – just like horse racing or on wagons with wheels. Ostriches are classified as birds although they cannot […] More

  • Speed Demons: How Sprint Football Redefines Athleticism

    American Football but make it faster! Sprint football, also known as speed football is played at a collegiate level in a number of colleges and universities across the United States. All the standard rules of American football apply to it – from the number of players to the duration of the match. So, what’s the […] More