• The Best airport in the world

    Travelling can be super fun and spontaneous sure, but the hassles of getting through the airport customs can be quite a nightmare. Have you ever disliked an airport so much that you wondered what it would be like for an airport to have a nice sleeping area, maybe some entertainment to kill time for those long flights and […] More

  • Who started the kiki challenge?

    Let’s admit it, no matter how diverse our world seems to be from one another there are certain times when we come together, if you are still puzzled by what we mean then we’re talking about the several internet challenges that has been and still is taking place across the globe, creating kind of a […] More

  • Baku: the new travel destination

    If you haven’t already heard of Baku as the trendiest destination spot to travel to this year, then embrace yourself to know about it now because this hidden gem of a city has caught tourists from different parts of the world to come by for a pleasant visit and it’ll make you want to pack […] More

  • How meditation can change your life

    Have you ever wondered what meditation can do to you? Or why several people around the world spend 10 minutes minimum every single day of their lives to meditate? We have all heard of yoga of course but let’s get rid of the misconceptions first. Meditation is not necessarily yoga although you can induce yoga into […] More

  • Identifying Depression at its earliest

    Depression has become one of the top leading causes of suicides among people from various age groups, especially during this year. With a heavy heart famous celebrity figures such as Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain and Chester Bennington, Jonghyun or Robin Williams have all taken their lives and left this world due to depression. If such […] More

  • Signs you are addicted to your phone

    In today’s world, unfortunately our cell phones are dearer to us than our friends and family. It is an undeniable truth that we are addicted to the world of technology, whether we like it or not especially when it comes to our smart phones. Our smart phones have become attached to us like a piece […] More

  • Things you must do in your 20’s

    Let’s all face it, time is flying by faster than a jet plane and there’s unfortunately nothing one can do about it. When you hit the beginning of your adulthood which is your 20’s, life hits you back with a set of responsibilities which aren’t going anywhere for a very very  long time just so […] More

  • How Yoga helps to de-Stress

    We all face stress, tension or fatigue in some point of our lives whether it’s our body or mind that seeking for relief. Sure there are a lot of methods to help de-stress yourself but one of the simplest, relaxing and oldest form of de-stressing is said to be yoga. It is considered to be […] More

  • Why it’s good to be a little self-centered

    We’ve all surely come across someone in our lifetime who is completely self-centered or self-obsessed with themselves and lets be real, some of us may have even judged that individual as arrogant, stuck up or egoistic and no doubt from your point of view it may seem quite annoying; but truth being said, sometimes it’s […] More

  • Lost Etiquettes

    As I placed my order at the corner table of the small café down the road, I noticed a woman admirably gazing at a couple where the man pulled out a chair for the lady he accompanied. The woman staring commented to herself “oh how romantic of him!” It was then that I went into […] More