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How Yoga helps to de-Stress

We all face stress, tension or fatigue in some point of our lives whether it’s our body or mind that seeking for relief. Sure there are a lot of methods to help de-stress yourself but one of the simplest, relaxing and oldest form of de-stressing is said to be yoga. It is considered to be one of the oldest forms of meditation and can help you release all your stress and built up tension in your body in ways you did not know, so it’s a good time to introduce yoga into your life if you haven’t already and let your mind and body consume its benefits. Here is how yoga helps you to de-stress:

Muscle Relief

Stress isn’t only stored and felt in your mind but it has a physical effect on your body also, creating tension in certain areas and muscles making it tight. Yoga helps to release all that stored tension in your body from head to toe by stretching the muscles and allowing the pressure to surrender from even joints and bones.

Healthier body

Yoga significantly helps to lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system and strengthen your digestive system. It makes your body leaner, fitter and builds muscle.

Happier you

Yoga definitely helps in making you happy especially when it is consistently practiced. Feeling depressed, anxious or gloomy? Get rid of all those negative feelings with yoga as it is proven to increase serotonin levels in your body making you feel good and positive.

Emotional Stability

Yoga enhances the art of self-love. It directs one towards clarity and focus with the aid of absolute concentration. It helps one to be guided towards positivity and confidence and enables you to connect to yourself on a spiritual level.

Better sleep

It’s no doubt that stress and anxiety is correlated to our sleep pattern and either one effects the other; thus, with yoga you are able to fight insomnia and improve your sleep quality significantly which then reduces the levels of stress and anxiety you face. An improved sleep pattern also enables for a consistent productive routine to take place, giving your body the right amount of work and rest it needs.

Enhanced breathing

Yoga greatly promotes abdominal breathing while you meditate and this has proven to reduce levels of stress and anxiety. Deep breathing in yoga helps to increase oxygen supply to your brain which then arouses the parasympathetic nervous system in your body, enabling calmness throughout.


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