The Best airport in the world

Travelling can be super fun and spontaneous sure, but the hassles of getting through the airport customs can be quite a nightmare. Have you ever disliked an airport so much that you wondered what it would be like for an airport to have a nice sleeping area, maybe some entertainment to kill time for those long flights and who knows maybe something.. Fun? A pool maybe or a theatre? You must be thinking how absurd that sounds and why on earth would any airport in the world offer such facilities, right? But here’s the fun fact there is one that does!! Yes, for real.  

Changi Airport of Singapore has been awarded the best airport in the world for 6 years in a row by Skytrax, a UK-based customer-service reviewer that has been ranking airports since 1999. Before we begin with what Changi offers, let’s talk about basics first. It is not only voted the best airport of the world because of its entertaining amenities but what makes it stand out is the airport’s strong efficiency, cleanliness and customer-centric approach that sets it apart from nearly every other airport. This airport is also one of the most busy airports in the world, where an estimate of about 62.2 million passengers were catered to during last year, thus it acts as a major hub for flights throughout Asia. 


Get ready for what we are about to take you through, because after reading all the amazing stuff Singapore’s airport has to offer, many of you would probably be making your next trip plans there, myself included! 

A FREE movie theater is one of the entertainments offered to passengers especially those who have long hours of layover, why wait when you can get a cinematic experience to kill time. This facility can be found at Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. 

At Terminal 1, you will come across a rooftop swimming pool! Although it is not free, it does not cost much and offers you access to a Jacuzzi and bar also. 


You will also find tons of natural attractions and gardens throughout the airport at all terminals. At Terminal 2 however, you can experience the beautiful sunflower garden and the nature inspired Koi pond which is worth checking out.  

At terminal 3 you can also visit the amazing butterfly garden, where more than 1000 exotic butterflies showcased. This just makes layovers so much more fun! 

To make things even more fun you will find a gigantic indoor slide too!

It isn’t just entertainment that this airport offers, at terminal 3 a 1960s-themed food court resides that mimics Singapore’s world-famous hawker stalls, where street vendors cook up local specialties for low prices. They intended to maintain the Singaporean culture in all this diversity.  


The newly opened terminal 4 offers an entertainment zone with retro arcade games and a Heritage Zone comprising shopfronts with multi-coloured facades of old Peranakan houses to make it perfect for Instagram-worthy pictures.  


More than that, terminal 4 also offers the most cutting-edge technology that makes traveling so so so much more easy. With introducing automated kiosks passengers can now check in and print out luggage tags and boarding passes, and drop off their luggage at automated luggage drops. For security, passengers do not need to remove shoes or any electronics. Terminal 4 uses a new CT scanner system where removing electronics is no longer necessary. 


If you have always hated security checking where you need to strip off all electronics and shoes etc then you will absolutely love Changi’s latest technological introduction. Here, Terminal 4 uses a new CT scanner system that eliminates the need for removing electronics. It makes the process much faster. 


With more than hundreds of shops and a unified pay point, you are going to want to shop because its just that tempting in this airport. 


For all you artsy individuals and art admirers out there, be sure to catch several public art installations at all terminals that make the airport so much more interesting to be in. 


While free wifi may not always be easily available at many airports in the world, Changi makes sure to offer the basics to all its passengers with an additional creative seating option with electrical earplugs! Even the seating is not boring in this airport. 


Having to experience a long layover with no arrangements to sleep at least that is for free can be the worst kind of traveling experience ever but you wont find that problem here at Changi because outside lounges they made sure to offer a nap area for passengers with ergonomically designed chairs. 


Wait there is definitely more, because you will only find such designed bathroom at Changis. It’s a nice change from restrooms that look like highway toilets as seen in some airports. And outside these bathrooms you will find a water filter that provides hot, cold and normal water at all times that too for free.  


And if you still think this is not enough, then wait till 2019 because the newest project of the airport is yet to be launched which will be named as jewel Changi that will comprise of a complex which will link terminal 1, 2 and 3 with an enormous glass dome  which will feature indoor gardens, 300 stores and restaurants, a Yotel, a rainforest-inspired canopy garden, mazes, and the best for the last… the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.  


If all this has not made you book your next fight to Singapore then nothing will. We’re already planning to book a flight just for the sake of experiencing the airport itself.


What do you think?