Things you must do in your 20’s

Let’s all face it, time is flying by faster than a jet plane and there’s unfortunately nothing one can do about it. When you hit the beginning of your adulthood which is your 20’s, life hits you back with a set of responsibilities which aren’t going anywhere for a very very  long time just so you know; so this is the best time to invest in yourself before life completely takes over. Your 20’s is the stage to discover the world, the people around you, places you’ve never seen and most importantly your own self. This is the only time you’ll get which will be for no one but yourself so if you’re starting your 20’s soon or are in your 20’s then you must invest in some of the things mentioned below in your life before adulthood takes over.

Travel alone

Traveling alone is no doubt a life changing experience. It may seem scary or difficult at first but the beauty to expand your mind and thoughts, to look from a new perspective, to understand various cultures, traditions, people etc. are all found while you travel alone. You suddenly acknowledge the presence of a much bigger and wider world out there beyond your four walls. You may or may not be able to do enough traveling as you get older so the 20’s is the best time to do so while your young mind is still hungry for knowledge and experiences.

Buy something big for yourself

Treat yourself with something expensive and fancy at least once in your lifetime and it would be a lot better if you manage to do so with your own savings or earnings, otherwise there’s really no point in knowing what it feels to truly earn something for yourself. It’s important to value money when you hit this stage in life but in that process be sure to value yourself more and a treat for yourself now and then is important.

Celebrate your birthday lavishly

For most people, once they hit their 20’s the idea of birthday celebrations starts to diminish and you kind of get annoyed by even the thought of it and that’s totally normal if you are experiencing it. It’s quite actually a sign of maturity, but just cos’ you’re maturing doesn’t mean you must get rid of the excitement of a child in you! Celebrate at least one grand birthday of yours once you’ve hit 20’s and let your inner child be expressed. Book a yacht with your friends, plan a getaway out of town or reserve a spot at a fancy restaurant. Just do it because you’ll never get that time back again.

Go bungee-jumping

This has got to be one of the most exhilarating experiences you’ll ever have in your life and it’s something you’ll remember for the rest of your life. The thrill, anxiety, fear and excitement all faced before bungee-jumping teaches you a lot of lessons and it is only in that very moment will you realize alot of things about life (or maybe not). whatever it may be for you, now is the best time to get on with it and face your fears!

Go on a vacation with your friends

No doubt family vacations are nice and relaxing, but nothing can ever be compared to vacationing with your closest friends. Later in life when responsibilities consume you, you may or may not ever get a chance to travel with your best friends. Work, family, marriage, kids and everything else will interrupt your lives and at one moment forget about a vacation, you hardly will even get time to meet up with your besties. Traveling with your friends is a whole new experience on an entirely different level. Trust us when we say it is ABSOLUTELY worth it. So get your plans ready and book your trips before you miss the chance!

Try something new on yourself

Get that bob cut you’ve been dying to do, dye your hair red even though you’re scared, go blonde or get that matching tattoo, whatever it is just do it. Allow yourself to embrace various changes whether you’re too afraid to do it or not. Change is always good; it lets you feel as if you’re an entirely new person and why not? Be whoever you want to be, dream whatever you wish to dream. This is the stage to decide what you want and cherish what makes you, you!

Volunteer somewhere

20’s is no doubt mostly all about you and yourself but it’s also important to recognize the world around you and not be blindsided entirely. Volunteering is a great experience to educate yourself regarding global or even local issues that requires attention from us young adults. The world is our stage in our 20’s and great endeavors can take place by our actions, so make that little difference you can to alter the world into a better place. Not only will you feel good, but you might just take on the challenge to do so much more ahead because after all, everyone needs each other in some way or the other. So educate a child, feed the poor, adopt a stray cat, promote equality or help stop trafficking or child abuse. Do it and learn from it significantly!

Make a foreign friend

Sometimes, for many of us it is difficult to get out of our little bubble of friends and widen our social circle and that’s alright too but don’t completely stop yourself from getting to know people. Widen your network and take it beyond borders. Befriend someone who is completely diverse from you and the way you’re brought up. Learn from them, get inspired by them and welcome a friend who may stick around with you for years to come ahead. Never stop making new friends!

Go to your favorite band’s concert

It is safe to say we all have that one favorite band or singer that we completely obsess over right? So then why not attend their concert. Of course it’s probably easier said than done but it’s not something impossible so MAKE IT HAPPEN. Save up for that front row ticket or backstage pass, plan a road trip to the state their performing at and do whatever it takes to make it happen because for the rest of your life, that two hours concert will be at the back of your mind making you smile every single time you think of it. Make memories you’ll remember, not excuses you’ll regret.

Learn something new

Whether you are blessed with any kind of talent or not, it shouldn’t stop you from learning more. You’re young and active now and trust me you won’t get the time to do this later in life, so take up that Italian cooking class, salsa sessions, learn to draw or paint, sign up for a guitar class, learn Chinese or pump up your vocal skills even if you sound like a baby wolf crying. Learn new things now, maybe you’ll strike out on something and choose to pursue it ahead right, who knows?

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Written by maliha