Who started the kiki challenge?

Let’s admit it, no matter how diverse our world seems to be from one another there are certain times when we come together, if you are still puzzled by what we mean then we’re talking about the several internet challenges that has been and still is taking place across the globe, creating kind of a common ground for everyone. The most recent internet challenge that has swooped the world from each corner going completely viral in just a matter of a few days is of course the kiki challenge or also known as the In my feelings challenge or the Shiggy challenge.

If you havent heard or seen any of these video compilations yet then you gotta be living on another planet! Although we can place our bets that other planets must be up to date with it too! The kiki challenge was initiated based on the song ‘In my feelings’ by the famous singer Drake. And how is it considered a challenge?

Well as the song begins to play, one person is required to get out of a moving car and to dance upon the lyrics that goes like ‘kiki do you love me? are you riding? say you’ll never ever leave….’ and so on, all while maintaining his speed and direction as the car moves on ahead and the driver records the person.

Not super easy…

Although it may sound super easy to do so, it actually isn’t entirely and we say this from several failed attempts. However, if you think you’re up for the challenge then join the universal cool gang and post your attempt at this challenge. This challenge has even gotten famous celebrities like Will smith showing the world of his kiki inspired dance moves.

No doubt the kiki challenge has become a current internet sensation but have any of you ever wondered who on earth even started this challenge? Ofcourse there has gotta be one person who initially decided to dance in this manner on Drake’s hit song and post it on social media, which then ignited the worldwide challenge right? But who? Well according to some sources and pretty obvious hints, Instagram star Shiggy has been given the credit for beginning the kiki or shiggy challenge.

Shiggy challenge..

If you think about it, its former name was the shiggy challenge and that is because Shiggy is the person who made the challenge viral and popular via social media by attaining almost 6 million views with just one post! In several challenge uploads you’ll also notice the hashtag #shiggystomp which further adds to our confirmation. So now you can go ahead and question your friends whether they know who came up with the kiki challenge and brag to them about the information you just got.

To know more about how shiggy created his moves to the kiki challenge take a look at the video below and maybe get inspired for the next potential worldwide internet challenge to come!


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