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Baku: the new travel destination

If you haven’t already heard of Baku as the trendiest destination spot to travel to this year, then embrace yourself to know about it now because this hidden gem of a city has caught tourists from different parts of the world to come by for a pleasant visit and it’ll make you want to pack your bags instantly and check it out!

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan, where all the commercial activities takes place and where the city’s coastline is along the caspian sea. This city is the perfect mix of western and eastern along with modern and historic as it is divided into three divisions; first being the ancient city which is known as İçəri Şəhər, second being the soviet built city and lastly the newest part of the city.


The ancient city is one of the popular tourist spots as it is also a part of the UNESCO world heritage sites; it is filled with ancient historical monuments that makes it worth seeing. Popular sights to visit in this area includes: The palace of shirvan shahs,

maiden’s towers,

atashgah fire temple,

yanar dagh,

and Qala.

On the other hand, if you aren’t into history or architecture much and prefer something on the nature’s side then you can always visit bilgeh and amburan beach which are located outside of the city. AF beach club and Amburan beach club would also be a good spot to chill, dine in and enjoy some water sports activities.

If you’re also wondering which language is commonly used for communication in baku then English and Russian is understood to certain degrees, which is why it is suggested to use an Azeri translation book or to practice basic Russian, Turkish or English skills before heading there.

Before we list out the go-to places we recommend to you to visit, let’s categorize some places according to what certain tourists would prefer. If you’re looking for a bar or pub to enjoy your time at in baku then we’d suggest some of these places to make it easier for you; Adam’s sports bar, beluga bar, caspian bar, the corner bar, golden ridges pub, hampstead, pub Viking, Britannia pub and queens head. Moreover, if you’re looking for clubs to dance the night away then room 103, caravan jazz club and night office baku are some places you can always check out.

On the contrary, if you want to keep it a low-key day and enjoy a walk in the park then you can always visit upland park, philharmonic fountain park, attaturk park, nizami park or khagani park. Whereas, for something more adventurous like a water park we would suggest to visit aqua park- kempinski hotel baku.

So you’ve gotten quite the idea of what baku has in store for you, to sum it up we’ve compiled some of the must-see places in baku below that one must visit to fully experience this wonderful city, if this doesn’t get you convinced then what really will?

Heydar aliyev cultural centre

Flame towers

Bibi heybat mosque


Fountains square

Baku eye- Ferris wheel

Worlds second tallest flag-mast

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Written by maliha