How meditation can change your life

Have you ever wondered what meditation can do to you? Or why several people around the world spend 10 minutes minimum every single day of their lives to meditate? We have all heard of yoga of course but let’s get rid of the misconceptions first. Meditation is not necessarily yoga although you can induce yoga into your meditating routine but it surely is something a little different from that. 


Daily meditation is believed to be highly beneficial for your mind, body and soul, which then in turn gradually alters your life in several positive aspects. The act of meditating is carried out for the purpose of cultivating self-awareness of your thoughts and behavior. It helps you to achieve a better understanding of your own self and to recognize the contributions or choices you make towards your life. If you are wondering how meditation is ought to be carried out then know that there are several numerous ways and methods of doing it; the easiest being, controlled breathing and relaxation. Pretty simple right? Although it may seem so mundane, this simple act if carried out with immense precision and concentration, can drastically transform your life and make you live a whole lot differently than you do at present. 


One does not even require a large amount of time invested into meditating, if you decide to wake up 15 minutes earlier than you normally do, those few minutes will most likely make your day better and then these few better days will impact your life standard eventually also. How so? Well here is the thing to know first and foremost, yes meditation can make great positive changes into your life but it is important to know that everything takes time. so if you’re sitting here reading this and thinking to wake up early tomorrow and the five next following days to bring that positive change in your life then let me tell you this, you are not even close to getting what you want. 

Why? Because here is the thing, meditation is a gradual process of self-awareness. It is not something that can be achieved in a matter of a few days only. Meditation requires a lot of patience from the person doing the act as it requires full attention of yourself and your surroundings. It makes you be fully aware of yourself and your thought, which then gives you the control over your mind, body and soul; once you attain this control you then begin to eliminate all negative thoughts one by one gradually. This act is so powerful as you realize the insignificance of your negative thoughts over you and its effect over your life, thus when you begin to diminish them slowly, not only do you feel a weight lift off but you begin to comprehend the unnecessity of those thoughts while will likely be prevented in the future to come.


As you begin to view your life from a third person you begin to notice the choices that you make daily and how they add up to who you are and what you do in life. Furthermore, meditation helps you to cultivate clarity of the present moment and thus, in return eliminates the factors of stress and anxiety within you. Because stress and anxiety are issues based on ideas of the past or future, meditation helps to tune into the present moment instead and attain the peace being offered. It gives you the right kind of energy needed through techniques of relaxation and breathing. This simple method can do such wonders to your body to great extents; for instance, your blood circulation tends to improve and levels of productivity increases. Once you extract all the negative thoughts from your mind, you begin to explore the freedom of your mind, which also means accepting our repressed or in simple words bottled up feelings and emotions, which can then possibly lead you to self- improvement or development. Of course although this method can help free us from our internal problems it does not mean it can and will get rid of it certainly, the idea is to identify our worries, accept them and focus back to the present moment.


So if you wish to free yourself or even reduce levels of stress, anxiety, fear, anger, etc then introducing a few minutes of meditation in your life is highly suggested and gradually overtime you will begin to notice small changes of positivity in your life.


What do you think?