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Why it’s good to be a little self-centered

We’ve all surely come across someone in our lifetime who is completely self-centered or self-obsessed with themselves and lets be real, some of us may have even judged that individual as arrogant, stuck up or egoistic and no doubt from your point of view it may seem quite annoying; but truth being said, sometimes it’s actually really good to adopt a sense of self-centeredness in yourself, we’d actually recommend it to everyone out there!

It may seem surprising to some of you who just read the line above but believe it or not, being self-centered in today’s world can actually drive you towards success.  In a world dominated by technology somehow and somewhere majority of us have become dependent on the approval and acceptance of others. We tend to do and follow as others please rather than pleasing our own selves and somewhere along that road the concept of self-love has deteriorated. Being self-centered does not necessarily make you a narcissist or egoistic, it simply means putting yourself before anything else; therefore to encourage you to be a little self- centered, we’ve listed down a few reasons to help you understand just why to do so.



Nothing puts you down

When you’ve adopted a sense of being slightly self-centered, you develop characteristics of self-love, appreciation and trust within yourself. You don’t need to seek for confirmation from anyone else then and if you ever come across criticism directed towards you, your body, your work or anything else then you will never be truly be affected by it because deep inside you know yourself far more better than anyone else does and nothing anyone will say or do can change you or your mentality of yourself.


You are your first priority

Being self-centered means placing yourself first and foremost before anyone or anything. It may seem selfish as you read it but what we are really trying to say is that sometimes in life it’s important to think about yourself first, especially when it comes to your education, career or work. No we do not mean to forget about everyone else in the process, now that’s an act of selfishness but in order to succeed in life and reach the level of self-satisfaction you must take the opportunity given at hand before anyone else does. This world today seems to have become the survival of the fittest, so if you don’t allow yourselves to be your main priority then you will always be leading behind. Sometimes this also means, to give yourself the well-deserved break you need, don’t stress yourself out, think of your mind, soul and body and what it needs before you fulfill other priorities in life.



When you tend to be self-centered then you know it’s all about you. You become your main priority and this leads to a great deal of confidence being developed within you. You stop being afraid of the world outside and the people surrounding you and suddenly your communication and interacting skills get enhanced significantly. With this confidence comes a whole lot of optimism also. Once you truly know and acknowledge your strengths, you will also know that with a little effort things will go your way and if it doesn’t then it wasn’t meant to be for you. You develop the mentality of “I can achieve this” rather than “can I achieve this?” similarly, when you assertive of your strengths, you will also acknowledge your weaknesses and instead of pushing yourself down for it, you will accept and challenge them.


Highly independent

Most self-centered individuals are seen to be quite independent and refrain from the need to depend on anyone else. Whether it is in terms of finance, relationships or day to day tasks, you will notice self-centered people being able to handle it all by themselves. This of course doesn’t mean that they don’t need anyone in their life and are sufficient enough. Of course we all need loved ones around us but to be dependent on someone that you are unable to even take decisions on your own is unfavorable. You may need advice from people around you most of the time no doubt, but the final decision will be on you and you will know for sure what is best for you.


Know your Self-worth

When you are a little self-centered then you know your self-worth enough as well. You’ll know when to draw the line in a one sided relationship or when to stop chasing a guy who isn’t worth it. You’ll know that the pay being offered for your skills may not be enough even though you really need a job. You’ll know that you are enough for your own self and if someone doesn’t respect you for the individual that you are then those people are not worthy to be in your life. You will never have to dwell in self-doubt for whatever decision you make because you will always know that you believe it was worthy enough to take the risk for.




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