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Startup Checklist: Are You Ready To Start A Business?

Are you planning on starting up your own business? It does seem like an undertaking of incomparable tasks coming your way but these steps can assist in starting your small business as easily and quickly as possible. This is sort of your to-do list for you to understand how to go about the process.

Let’s start the process!

Once, the initial decision taking is over, you can now break down the process by converting it into feasible portions. These portions guide you in ensuring that you have ‘checked all the boxes’ for a perfect startup.

Identify A Business Idea

Source: The Secrets of Entrepreneurship

Your first step to a startup without a doubt has to be identifying a good business plan. A good business plan doesn’t only mean one that turns a profit but one that personally fits you, the market you want to target and the location you’ve decided upon.

Liking what you do is very important as you have to breathe and live that business for years to come.

Deduce Practicality

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Once you have settled on the business you want to start, you need to make sure whether it is in your best interest or not. You need to be absolutely truthful to your own self. Ask yourself if that business would work? Does it have the potential to deliver profit? Will customers pay enough?

These are the questions you yourself need to work on first because it is you who has to make a choice of what you want to do, how you want to do it and how much profit do you expect out of it.

Market Research

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After you have deduced the practicality yourself, market research becomes vital. You have to make sure that your plan will work on all levels. You need to get people’s views and opinions on whether they would be up for something that you’re planning? Or any additions that you need to make?

Your market research has to consist of defining what problem would your business would solve? Who are your ideal customers? What’s your market size? Do you know your industry well?

Basic Financial Plan

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Financial plan is another essential that needs proper attention and detail. Your financial plan has to be sorted to make sure you stand your ground firm enough. Not all startups take the same amount of time in taking off, thus your basic estimated expenses and forecast sales should be on target.

Also, if you are seeking funding, then you need a proper formal business plan including a “one-page pitch” with a detailed financial plan.


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Branding is where you have to keep in mind your target market. A strong brand is definitely the key to customer loyalty and more profit. Choose a brand name that will get stuck in your audience’s mind, make sure it isn’t taken by another business already.

You have to make sure that by now you know your audience well enough to understand what will attract them. Decide on your brand message, how is it planning to serve your audience? Also, your unique selling points that will give you a firm standing against your competitors.

Setup Website And Social Media Profiles

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First get a matching domain to your business name. After finalizing your brand name, get your website up and running as quickly as possible. People need to realize your presence, it is absolutely necessary for credibility. Even if the product hasn’t reached its final stage, start with the company information.

Social Media platforms are another perfect source to reach out to your audience and spread awareness. Your set up on huge platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. will help your business reach a large amount of audience in lesser time.

Get An Office Space

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Last but not the least, get your office space booked. If your business is a brick-and-mortar business you will be needing an office to start off early. If a retail business is being considered then factors like walk-in at your store and location of the space becomes vital.

As an entrepreneur, you will be working on your networking the most. This is why, business cards are an absolute need. Business cards bring your credibility a notch up. A business bank account is also important for you easily handle your business expenses.

All in all, this is your go-to checklist for when you think of a startup. All these steps will systematically aid you in bringing your dream project to life. Not just organizing your work but also making your road to success easier.


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