Solving the electric vehicle charging station shortage problem. Starting with Tesla

Disclaimer: I do not own a Tesla, however, I do own shares in the Tesla company as it is publicly traded. I may or may not own shares at the time you read this article. 


The waiting times at charging station are extremely long, mainly due to all the charging stations being occupied by other cars. 


Tesla can easily launch a peer to peer charging station network application. 

Use Case:

Instead of waiting in a long line behind other cars, waiting for my turn, why not drive my Tesla to the nearest house who has a charging station at their house. Charging stations can easily be placed outside of the house, in the driveway, and does not need to be monitored by the owner of the house. 

By allowing other drivers to charge their Tesla at my house, I can be given a reward, in form of credits or money, which I can further use towards charging my own Tesla at someone’s house or at a charging station. 

Next Steps:

Whether a super charger is used or simple wall outlet, both options can be considered. Tesla has the technology to launch such a feature pretty easily as they also have the software to track which device is charging what car. 


What do you think?