Home Office Essentials: 5 Must-Haves You Need

Working from home is quite common these days. To ensure you have a good experience working from home, you have to make sure you have a nice quiet office space and the right office essentials. Here we will take a look at the top 5 home office essentials you should consider having, to make your work from home experience a more comfortable one.

A Standing Desk

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Bored of having a regular desk and chair set up for your home office? Consider getting a standing desk. Standing desks allow you to change the height of your desk to your desire. This can provide a more comfortable experience for you as it can allow you to stand up and work as opposed to sitting on a chair all day long. Check out the desks from UPLIFT for some great, study standing desk options for your home office.

A Good Wifi Mesh System

You can have the latest and greatest home office furniture, but it would all be pointless if you weren’t receiving a good wifi signal to the room you’re working from. Having a good wifi mesh system installed in your home is essential to ensuring you’re getting optimal internet speeds no matter which room in the house you’re working from. The Google Wifi Routers are a great product to help you achieve fast internet speeds throughout your home. You’ll be able to get great wifi without breaking the bank and have full control of your network from your phone no matter where you are.

An Ethernet Hub

If you’re going to be installing a wifi mesh system, it’s wise to also have an ethernet cable hub handy. They allow you to easily expand wireless connectivity in your home. You can connect all of your devices in your home office to a wired connectivity to ensure you’re getting top speeds at all times.

An Ergonomic Chair

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Since most of your workday is spent sitting, it is crucial you invest in a good ergonomic chair so you don’t experience any back pain or issues. Autonomous has some of the best ergonomic chairs available on the market. They include an adjustable headrest, which is great for spine health and relaxation. They also include leg rests allowing you to stretch your legs out when needed.

A Folding/Under Desk Treadmill

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To get those extra steps in your day, having a small foldable under desk treadmill in your home office can be a lifesaver. These work great if you have a standing desk as you can just place them under your desk and walk while you work. You’ll be able to get some work done and burn calories at the same time. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. If you don’t have a standing desk, these are great to store in the corner of your office and hop on and off whenever you feel like walking and getting some exercise in. They take up very little space, much less than a traditional treadmill, and can range from around $200-$400. They’re a great way to incorporate some activity into your workday without taking up too much space in your office.

That concludes our list of the must-have home office essentials you need. Incorporating these items into your office is sure to make your work from experience a more enjoyable and comfortable one without breaking your bank.


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