5 Brands you Didn’t Know were Owned by the Same Company

Among the numerous transformations that economies have seen around the world, consolidation of companies is one that is having a significant impact. Be it FMCG or automotive industry, a few large parent companies hold the reins to most of the successful brands on the market.

In the digital media space, Google has ownership of YouTube, Fox, PayPal, Skype and eBay along with a number of other platforms. The Volkswagen Group owns Lamborghini, Bugatti, Audi, Porsche and Bentley making up a sizeable chunk of the luxury car market.

It’s a similar story almost everywhere. 90% of the conventional media industry is owned by 6 major players. In consumer goods, 10 multinationals own a majority of the products we consume at homes on a regular basis. Here we take a look at 5 FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) brands that you didn’t know were owned by one parent company:

Pepsi, Lays, Quakers, Pizza Hut and KFC

PepsiCo., the parent company that owns all these brands is one of the biggest corporations on the planet. The soft drink brand Pepsi has sister brands like 7up, Mirinda, Dew and Tropicana. Taco Bell is also part of Yum, the company that owns KFC and Pizza Hut. The Lays product line also includes Cheetos, Doritos and Ruffles to name a few.

KitKat, Nescafe, Movenpick, Nesquik and MontClair

Nestle holds a controlling interest in all these brands along with several others. There would be few who would be unaware of Nestle which is a multinational conglomerate currently operating in 90 countries globally. Nestle also has 30% shares in Loreal, which in turn owns businesses like Maybelline, Garnier, The Body Shop, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani and Stella McCartney.  

Gillette, Old Spice, Lacoste, Oral-B and Head & Shoulders

Among the largest and most recognizable names on the planet is Proctor and Gamble, better known as P&G. They are another corporation operation in just as many regions as Nestle. Besides the brands given above, P&G also owns Pantene, Pampers, Crest, Duracell, Braun and Vicks. The company’s total revenues for the year, which ended in June 2019, as more than $67 billion. 

Ben and Jerry’s, Dove, Sunsilk, Vaseline and Closeup

Last but not least, is the behemoth known as Unilever. The company has stakes in almost every consumer item from cleaning to beauty products, oral hygiene to drinks, dairy to quick foods etc.  Ben and Jerry’s come as a surprise to many and the fact that it is one the list gives us a hint as to how big Unilever actually is.

Final Word

Mergers and acquisitions happen frequently in the business world. Brands are bought and sold by organizations for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, it is to eliminate competition while in other instances, the idea is to get a smaller company out of financial difficulty. In any case, this process of consolidation brings additional revenue streams making the umbrella corporation bigger and bigger every time.

Knowing about brands that are owned by one parent company can help marketers, as well as normal consumers, understand strategic decisions made at times. It is also a way to gain insights into the overall dynamics of any industry.

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