How to Ask for a Raise from Your Boss: 7 Tips

It is quite common for people to feel awkward and hesitant when asking for a raise from their managers or bosses. However, there is no harm in it, and organizations and their cultures should be more open about discussing these matters. If the management is aware of the concerns of their employees, they would try their best to retain them and this would ultimately reduce the employee turnover rate of an organization.

If you also face hesitation while talking to your management about your increment, this article is meant for you. Here we are going to give you some useful tips on how to ask for a raise from your boss in an appropriate manner.

Know Your Worth 

There is no harm in it to keep yourself updated with job market practices and salary packages that are being offered. Platforms like LinkedIn and Glassdoor could be very useful in this regard. Once you know the worth of work you are doing for your firm, you would have an idea of whether you are being fairly paid or not. Make sure you have something concrete to show to your boss when making them realize your worth. 

There are also many important factors that come into play when it comes to asking for a raise from your boss. Your experience, skillset, efficiency, and productivity among other professional aspects. If you check all of these boxes, you surely deserve a raise. 

Demonstrate Your Accomplishments and Added Value 

It all depends on numbers and how effectively you are able to represent yourself and your skill sets in front of your company’s higher management. Every company has its own hierarchy and organizational structure. There might be a chance your boss would approve your request for a raise if it is conveyed by your HR manager or team lead. Whatever the medium is, make sure you demonstrate your accomplishments and added values in your appraisal request. 

You don’t have to create a 10-page document to write down everything that comes to your mind. Instead, keep it short, simple, and to the point. It would be ideal for you to use bullet points to further highlight things, especially when talking about the most significant qualities of your work and the tasks in which your performance excels. 

Timing Is Everything

In the corporate world, timing is very crucial and you have to be very careful about it, especially when presenting or discussing something related to your appraisal. Keep an eye on the mood and behavior of your boss or manager. It is better not to talk to them about your raise if they are having a bad day or are in a rush. 

Another situation would be if you have pleased your boss with your performance by successfully getting new clients on board or completing the given task effectively in the communicated timeline. There are very high chances that things would go in your favor in such situations. So, make sure you know when to make your move. This is why being thoughtful about your timings is one of the best tips on how to ask for a raise from your boss. 

Factor in Your Company Salary Structure  

Another major thing you should keep in mind when discussing your appraisal with the higher management and putting forward your demand is the salary structure of your company. Large organizations and sometimes even small-scale entrepreneurs are very rigid about the salary structure and also follow a very strict rule when it comes to appraisals of their employees. 

A majority of companies in today’s world give up to a 5 percent raise to their employees at a time. There are also some organizations in today’s world that are a little bit more generous in this regard as they increase the pay of their employees by more than 5 percent, in some cases up to 10 percent or even more. So, know your company’s salary structure and ask for a raise accordingly. 

Come up With a Real Number  

As discussed, at the end of the day, it is all about numbers. It is better to have a proper data set including numbers to back your claim. Your boss or team lead would surely be asking about the progress you might have made during the last six months or even a year. This is where you’ll need real numbers. 

Make it a habit to document each and every task you are working on. Find out about the results. This will help you to keep track of your record and maintain it, so you can present it in front of your boss when needed. You should have compelling data and try to showcase all of your achievements and accomplishments in an effective way, which is also a very useful tip to get a promotion at work.

Focus on Why You Deserve it  

This is one of the most useful tips on how to ask for a raise from your boss. You are asking for an appraisal not because you are greedy or need extra money, in fact, you are asking for something you have earned and now you deserve to get it. 

Focus on all the work-related tasks that you excel in and how your efforts played a part in the overall growth of the company. Think about each and every bit of your work routine that has made a difference in one way or another. It is also a great way to highlight all the key characteristics and aspects of your performance as an employee in front of your boss. 

Share Your Goals and Ask for Feedback

Always be open to feedback and never hesitate to share your goals. It will also put a good impression on your boss. This would make them realize how serious you are about your job. Never be overconfident, even if you are giving your best shot, there is always some room for improvement and this is where feedback would help you grow. Bosses and team leads like employees who listen to them. This could even persuade them to increase your salary, so you can be more productive and efficient in your work. They would probably approve your appraisal requests because they wouldn’t want to lose an employee who is very open about discussing career goals and not hesitant at all when asking for feedback. 

Now that we have given you all the important and effective tips on how to ask for a raise from your boss, it is time for us to wrap up. The strategies we have shared above will not only make you more confident but also improve your performance as an employee, making you more deserving of a raise.

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Written by Spencer K