Psyche: Here’s how we use fashion to express ourselves

Fashion is not an art, it’s a lifestyle. We love it when we look nice. So, is it the way we are expressing ourselves? If yes, then how we do it? Let’s find out!

Here we are talking about fashion as an art of expression. Many of us take it for the light-hearted fun but it is way more than that. Our lifestyle as well as the culture of a particular society is dependent on their perception about fashion.

Many of us love to get ourselves styled while following the latest trends while on the other hand there are those people who are fond of their culture and want to represent in it with their appearance.

As we progress in this article, things are becoming clearer as to why and how fashion is used by us as individuals and in groups to express how we feel about the world around us. It is one of the main aspects of our individualities, making all of us unique.

Every person has their own liking or disliking, color, physique and most importantly mood. This is why people make diverse choices when they are styling themselves. Choices in terms of clothes, accessories, their hairstyles, fragrances and a lot of other things that come under the umbrella of fashion. This quote finely expresses everything about the use of fashion for the sake of reflecting our identity.

“Every day is a fashion show and the world is the runway.” – Coco Chanel

So, let’s know more about the way fashion has been used by us from a very long time to define ourselves to finely reflect our uniqueness and importance.

Getting dressed for ourselves


We get dressed for ourselves instead of pleasing others. Yes, it is not being egoistic but being ourselves. When we look in the mirror, we are not looking at our reflection but the way we appear to the world. No one can judge our appearance better than us.

The words below might seem as if they have been quoted to express arrogance but they are not. In fact these words are reflection of what we all feel deep inside us.

“I don’t dress for anyone but me.” – Anonymous

It’s about being more confident

Image Source: Fashion History

When we are looking nice, we tend to feel more confident and comfortable while being surrounded by people. So, were you thinking it was that simple? Think again because fashion affects our behavior and the impression we leave about or personality on others’ mind.

It can be a single color, fabric, pattern or design; that our mind might associate with our personality while making us to ooze with confidence. According to a scientific study, it is when we practice self-awareness, we can uplift our state of mind by making choices of our desired fashion must-haves and accessories.

How important are brands?

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We all think that brands have a very strong connection with the way we perceive the world around us. It is because some of the biggest names in the fashion industry know how to tackle human mind. Their marketing campaigns are designed in a way to create the urge in us for buying that fashion product.

We cannot blame them for this because the everyone around us is trying to get successful with their business. However, we are the ones who have to decide. Apart from all the negativity, many people strongly believe that a particular brand has become a part of their identity. They think that it is the way they express themselves to the world.

This is one of the main that that make them behave in a certain way. We feel proud when wearing a product belonging to a famous brand. The more we feel proud about ourselves, the more we feel confident. All these famous businesses belonging to the world of fashion know that people highly depend on their products while carrying themselves to rightly tackles with those day-to-day situations that they face.

Gearing up for a situation

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Yes, you read it right! Let’s think about a situation when someone is called for an interview. Any of us would dress our best because we know it can be one of those decisive situations of our lives.

In the same way when students know that they’ll be called upon stage to give a presentation so they try to wear the finest looking outfit to impress their peers as well as the jury (the ones belonging to the administration).

One thing that is quite prominent here is that whether we are a leader or responsible for any leading position then we must try to get ourselves dressed to face that particular situation eminently and effectively. We would never want to end up leaving a negative impression on the people who follow or look up to us. However, the most important tool of the self-expression is undoubtedly fashion.

What do you think?

Written by Openiun