The Biggest 2021 Nail Trends

Want to make your life more exciting? How about redoing your nails. According to many expert manicurists, getting your nails polished, trimmed, and painted in line with the latest trends will amp up the look of your hands, adding to your beauty. 

So, if you are also planning for a manicure treatment but don’t know about the latest fashion trends, then we are here to help. In this article, we have rounded up the biggest and most popular 2021 nail trends that are turning heads. 


The swirl art is one of the most popular retro nail designs, which is making rounds on social media. People choose the boldest hues to work with this type of nail art. 

It is always a good idea to make use of bright colors in your beauty routine. 

You can add your favorite shade while working on your nail art. Swirls nail trend is surely the best way to let your style be taken over by maximalism. 

Tiny Accents

It’s always about adding a touch of refinement and contemporary to your style. This is one of the best manicure ideas to subtly show off the unexpected pop of colors. You can beautify your hands by adding contrasting colors on one or two nails of both hands. 

Tiny accent nail art will also help you to add a bright accent to your one-color or monochrome, such as all-black or black and white, manicure to flaunt your style in a unique way. 

Rainbow Nails

Rainbow nails are everywhere on the internet and they are making people fall in love with their enchanting beauty. You can try it too because it is something worth experimenting with. They started out as a random trend but have become an official thing lately. 

For the last year or so, they are all over the Instagram feeds. The trend is very playful and attractive, which is why it has caught the attention of some of the most famous and influential fashion figures and celebrities in the world like Gigi Hadid. 

Artistic Tips

You can experiment in a lot of ways to work with artistic nail tips. A lot of people go with the extension of nails with artificial materials, which look really good but it might be temporary and could work for you if you are attending an event or a get-together. 

These artificial extensions of nails could last for around 3 to 4 weeks, after which you’ll need another manicure treatment because during this time your nails also grow naturally. Even though they are temporary, different types of artistic tip nail trends could revamp the look of your nails gorgeously. 

Colorful French Tips

Wait, what? Colorful French Tips are still trending? Yes, they are. The time of this nail trend isn’t over yet because it is coming back with a delightful twist. The best way to work on this nail art is to make use of a dual-color tone. You can use white to paint the tip of your nail and any sheer nude color for its base. 

This French manicure trend has been famous for quite a long time. In this classic look, white nail polish is always used for the tips of the fingernails and their lower parts are usually coated with dull pink color (or in fact any other soft hues would do, according to the latest trends). 

Iridescent Nails

It is one of the most popular 2021 nail trends. Iridescent nails also make rounds on Instagram and all the other social platforms every now and then. They have been tried and experimented by many famous celebrities and fashion influencers. 

Nails are painted in different color tones in this nail art trend. 

There is a wide variety of colorful nail designs inspired by starry nights, shimmering jewels, seashells, evening skies, and a lot more. This dazzling Iridescent manicure trend will surely give your nails that oh-so-beautiful look. This nail trend is also not getting old anytime soon. 


Nail art designs with flowers are evergreen because you can do a lot with them. They would refresh the look of your nails, making your hands look gorgeous. The way your nails appear totally depends on the kind of flower nail art you choose. 

Some of the most famous Flowers nail trends that are worth trying include Daisies, Confetti Daisies, Baby Blue, Accent Florals, Flower French, Photo-Real Flowers, and a variety of other designs. Whatever your choice is — all these nail design ideas are Instagram-worthy. 

Logo Nails

Logo Nail art is another very creative way to enhance the look of your nails, making them look gorgeous. You can work with different color schemes in this very famous manicure treatment. Your hands will look stunningly beautiful, which is why it is among the biggest 2021 nail trends. 

Play around with a variety of different shades like muted pinks, light blues or any other sheer nude hues. With a pop of color and shimmering finishes, Logo Nail art is worth experimenting with. It’s not that hard to apply. Just try and enjoy — it is as simple as that.

Multi-Colored Manicures

Multi-colored manicures are known by a lot of different names like different-colored nails or mismatched nail trends and they have become quite popular these days. They will add a splash of color to your nails. It is a fun way to take the boredom away and fill up some excitement and colors in your life. 

You would never say to a very delightful assortment of hues, doodle nails, springy pastel tips of the fingernails, imperfect edges and a lot of other things that make your manicure treatment more fun. If you think nail polish is bad for you, you can always go for press on nails available in different colors.

Fruit Nails

Whether you are planning to visit a salon for a full-fledged manicure treatment or thinking about working on some of the best DIY nail trends in 2021, you can give your nails a fruity twist. There are different types of nail arts inspired by the tropical season and fruits. They are identified by their bright and vivid colors.

You can have watermelon nail art or pineapple nail art, whatever fruit you prefer. The Fruit Nail trends are taking over many different social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. It’s a manicure inspiration for every other person these days. 

With the help of these best 2021 nail trends, you can amp up your fashion game with a few small tweaks. And these Instagram-worthy manicure ideas won’t easily go out of fashion and could even stay in the game for the next few years. 


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