The 7 Best Sewing Kits for Beginners

If you want to up your needle and thread game and are looking to enhance your sewing skills, then this is where sewing kits for beginners come in handy. A sewing kit will help you get done with all the basic sewing projects. It has all the necessary items, such as buttons, scissors, needles, threads, and a lot more.

In this article, we are going to list down and discuss the 7 best sewing kits for beginners that are easily available online these days.

ARTIKA Simply Sewing Kit at Amazon

If you travel a lot and you want to take your sewing supplies with you wherever you go then, a portable sewing kit like the one that is made by Artika could be an excellent choice for you. Since it has been designed as a portal kit, it includes a special carrying case that makes your travel hassle-free while keeping all your sewing supplies in one place.

The quality and range of items included in this product have got all your sewing needs covered. It has around 130 knitting as well as sewing supplies, which include spools, wonder clips, scissors, sewing pins, and golden eye needles, among other items.

People who are not a fan of large and complicated sewing machines are surely going to love this mini sewing kit because it is very easy to use.

Singer Sewing Basket Kit (Ideal for Beginners)

If you are planning to start learning sewing skills or searching for a suitable present for a beginner sewer, then Singer basket is the right product for you because it offers you everything you are looking for. Take a closer look at this product. It is an intricately designed Singer basket, which has a very beautiful and attractive-looking button closure. It will surely help you to keep your sewing supplies well organized.

It has been equipped with all the accessories you need, which include scissors, thread, needles, measuring tape, pin, cushion, and other supplies. Singer Sewing Basket kit also includes a well-designed plastic tray to help you keep all the items and accessories sorted and organized because it has ample space below it to store things. This makes it one of the best sewing kits for beginners.

Coquimbo Sewing Kit for Travelers

Want to have a sewing kit that has all the necessary tools that you need to perform basic stitching and repairs to enhance your sewing skills? If yes, then Coquimbo Sewing Kit may be the right product for you. As mentioned in the subheading, it would be a great choice for travelers as well because of its compact design and all-in-one nature. Needles, threads, scissors, seam ripper, buttons, thimble, threader tools, and all sewing equipment, it has everything you need. 

Not only all the items in Coquimbo Sewing Kit are neatly packaged but they can also be used anytime and anywhere, which makes it a highly convenient option for travelers. No matter how bumpy your ride may get, items won’t fall out of the case because they are so well arranged. The needles are safely packed in a separate section as well as other items in the kit are also securely attached with elastic bands, making your life a lot easier.

Alex Craft My First Sewing Kit

As the name suggests, My First Sewing Kit by Alex Craft is one of the best sewing kits for beginners as it has all the elements that are usually required by an amateur sewer to enhance their skills. No matter how old you are, it is surely a perfect sewing package for people of all age groups who are learning to sew. The supplies in it are very colorful and engaging, which makes your very first few sewing projects extremely fun and exciting, even if you are a young seamster or an aspiring designer. 

When it comes to guidance for a beginner sewer, the material, and tools included in this kit come with an instruction manual, which would help you with different tasks. If you continue to practice with My Sewing Kit by Alex Craft, it would surely help you improve your kits and you won’t need the last-minute fabric store trips anymore. Due to its easy-to-carry design, you can conveniently take it anywhere with you.

Travel Sewing Kit in Case

Another very great choice for beginner sewers is the travel sewing kit that comes with a compact case. It has all the essential and best sewing tools, which are all organized in a perfect manner. Since keeping and organizing items in this kit is extremely easy, it would let you find anything that you need without any hassle in the blink of an eye. By constantly practicing with this sewing kit, you can easily become a pro at many different types of quick fixes, such as repairing the seam of any particular clothing item, replacing buttons as well as mending ripped fabrics. So, be more self-sufficient and take care of small repairs yourself.

A travel sewing kit with a case usually comes with easy-access elastic gripper areas, which helps you to keep your sewing tools and supplies properly arranged. A kit that in a true sense makes your life easier With this kit in your bag, you will never have to find a tailor for the basic repairs

Embroidery Kit With Instructions

We have also added an embroidery kit to our list of the best sewing kits for beginners because it helps you enhance your embroidery skills, which is an important step to diversify your sewing capabilities. Since it is designed for beginners, the kit has many different beautiful and colorful embroidery patterns. It will introduce you to different techniques of embroidery and you would also enjoy your learning and practicing process because it contains all necessary sewing supplies with instructions.

The detailed instructions that come with these embroidery kits help you work on your first few sewing or embroidery projects as a beginner. It will help you get familiar with the usage of different types of sewing supplies and tools, so you can use them safely and efficiently when needed. 

Sew-It-Goes Sewing Kit & Basket Organizer

A very useful sewing kit, which also acts as a storage and tools organizer, is the Sew-It-Goes Sewing Kit by Singer. It usually has hundreds of sewing tools and supplies, which help you get done with all your basic as well as advanced sewing projects. It is perfect for both beginner and expert sewers. 

This kit also includes dozens of spools of thread as well as other highly useful and essential sewing supplies and accessories, which are properly arranged and organized. Another great feature of the Sew-It-Goes Sewing Kit is that it has a customizable storage compartment for sewing tools, which usually comes with a few easily removable drawers that you can arrange according to your requirements and the size of your workspace.

There were the 7 best sewing kits for beginners, which are surely going to help you improve your sewing skills and capabilities with time. There are also many different types of online fabric stores from where you can order the type of fabric you need for your upcoming embroidery or sewing project.


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