The Growing Influence of Gender-Neutral Clothing Trends

Since the beginning of time, clothing has been considered an important aspect that strongly expresses a lot about someone’s personality. It does not come under the sphere of extravagance, since it is a need of every individual living across the globe to appear good while getting dressed in a neat and appropriate outfit.

The field of clothing has always been divided in two categories, based on male and female gender. Delicacy, beauty and softness usually come in our mind when we talk about a woman’s wardrobe. On the other hand, masculinity, sturdiness and strong looks; these are some of the common traits that are kept in mind while designing clothes for men.

Keeping in view some of these prominent differences, one can hardly imagine of merging the concepts of clothing that are created for people who are absolutely opposite in every sense. It is not only about masculinity and femininity but in fact a lot of factors are associated with the gender aspects that are somehow hard to neglect.

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History of Unisex Fashion

It all started in 1900s as people started experimenting with field of fashion, making genderless clothing. Though this concept was strongly opposed by many of the people but a lot of people supported it and let their experiments thrive, welcoming it as a revolution in global fashion industry.

The ideas about unisex spread everywhere from Europe to the Americas and then to other regions of the world as well, where most of the people were inspired by them while others profoundly criticized the very concept of unisex clothing as it left no boundaries between genders when it came to fashion related to the outfits that people would be wearing.

We feel that the agreement and disagreement regarding the existence of genderless fashion is still there but with the passage of time, a lot of people have adopted it and these trends are now being followed all over the world with a lot of brands and renowned are not only producing unisex outfits but they are also showing it positively to others so that they also get inspired.

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Unisex Fashion and Gender Equality

Let’s talk about how unisex clothing is being taken in the field of fashion industry. It is not clear up till now that as to what are the motives of these different fashion brands who are promoting unisex or gender-free clothing trends. Whether they are doing it for social good or they have some secret marketing tactics behind it that could be proven harmful for a particular society.

If we look at it from a wider aspect, none of it relates to gender equality. Clothes will not be making that much difference as they cannot change the thinking of people. Unisex clothing trend has mostly become a new business game for all the high street fashion brands and it is mostly because of them that the dividing line between men and women fashion has now been long lost.

Shedding some light on the existence of gender equality, you would realize that it has nothing to do with unisex fashion and can only be attained if the conditions of the society are harmonious and peaceful where people respect each other’s gender.

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Celebrities who support Gender-Free Fashion

When everyone’s talking about unisex clothing trend, how can it be avoided by the famous people belonging to media industry? Yes, there is a long list of people who are in the favor of genderless fashion and they have incorporated it in their style. A few names are to be mentioned here including Katherine Hepburn, Grace Jones, Tilda Swinton and Kanya West.

When famous figures like them start supporting something, it has an impact on the lifestyle and thinking of the large number of audience who admires and follow them. This is how even some of the most unusual trends gather popularity while becoming one of those global inspirations that may be the reason behind bigger change in societies.

Observing the incidents around the globe relating gender-free clothing, it has also been noted that proper marketing and promotion campaigns have been carried out in support of unisex fashion by many of the famous celebrities, singers and music bands. The purpose behind all these moves was to encourage people to buy clothes, blurring the distinction among genders.

Change in shopping behavior of millennials

2017 has been the year when genderless fashion remained one of the most discussed topics and it is for sure that this trend is attracting more and more people with each passing day. A significant change in the behavior of young people has been observed by the experts and it has great effect the way they spend money while buying fashion essentials.

These changes are also affecting their thinking, thus making fashion brands to adopt new strategies related to their line of products in order to fulfill the requirements based the ever changing because of the ongoing fashion trends where gender is not a matter of discussion any more.

Teenagers and young adult want to stay up-to-date with the world of fashion and it is this factor that forces them to adopt any of the latest styles that they come across without thinking about the impact that it could have on their personality.

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Is it a revolution in fashion field?

Increasing gender-neutral clothing trend is in fact a revolution in the field of fashion as it has triggered an unexpected change in the shopping behavior in consumers around the world causing renowned brands and retailers to come up with revised methodologies according to the latest developments in their respective markets. Many of the famous names in clothing business now believe that people are not restricted by their gender boundaries when they go shopping to purchase outfits that would be worn by them.

A lot of clothing stores and shopping outlets housing some of the most famous fashion brands now have a dedicated section for unisex fashion and this move has already been welcomed by the shoppers because now they feel the freedom when they delightfully purchase the clothes of their choice.


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