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Friends and Fun: Creating Memorable Moments Without Gadgets

Tired of social media and mobile games? Looking for some fun things to do with your friends that doesn’t involve using your phone? Well, look no more! Below is a list of fun games and activities that includes fun sports for 2 players and other sports for you to try out with your friends which is the perfect way for a digital detox! From board games to outdoor activities to games that require no props at all, we have a complete list of tech-free activities which will surely help you make memories of a lifetime!

1. Pictionary

This game which is inspired by the classic charades is a fun word guessing game which involves drawing a word that others have to guess. All you need for this game is a board or a sketch book to draw from a card, which has a secret word that matches the category from the game board. One person draws an image of the word that he/she has gotten while their teammates have to guess the correct word within one minute. As for the winner, whoever reaches the end of the board game first wins. 

2. Never Have I ever

This casual yet exciting party game is a popularly played by a lot of youngsters. If you are tired of solo games, this one is for you.

A group of people can play this game, with no limit to the number of players and no props required. Everyone raises all of their fingers and one person starts with ‘Never have I ever…’ and completes the sentence by adding a statement that they have not done. To which the other players have to react by putting one finger down for those who done that thing or just skipping it for those who have not! Similarly, others take turn one by one and add a statement to which others put their fingers down or not.

3. UNO

This multi-player card game is something that you and your friends can play for hours without looking at your phone! UNO includes a set of rules that you need to know before playing the game. It is fairly easy to learn and play. Each player gets 7 cards for every game after shuffling them. There are some special cards in the deck apart from the number and color cards which make things interesting yet challenging. The objective of the game is to get rid of all your cards the quickest. You have to say ‘UNO’ out loud when you have one card left in your hand.

4. Two Truths One Lie

This is a perfect get to know your friend game with screen-free socializing. The game features 3 statements given by each player. One statement is a lie while two are true. Others have to guess which one is the lie. After everyone guesses which is what, the person reveals which ones are true and which statement was a lie.

5. Escape Room

If you are looking to do something exciting yet unique, then book an escape room for your next plan with friends! So, what exactly is an escape room? Also known as a riddle room, it is a place where a group of players find clues, solve puzzles or small tasks which leads to other clues in different rooms or in the same on with the goal being able to exit the room in a restricted amount of time. Escape rooms are well-planned and set up with most of the being dim-lit or fairly dark to make things more challenging. The concept behind escape rooms is to have fun while really immersing yourself in the game and using your brain!

6. Camping

This is one of the activities that should be on a to-do list for every group of friends! Camping involves spending time in the nature that is why it is one of the least hottest sport. This recreational activity is ideal if you are looking to disconnect from the digital world for a few days and spend some quality time with your besties! Set up a tent and take all the necessary stuff that you would need for an overnight stay. You can also light up a campfire and enjoy some barbeque or s’mores in the great outdoors!

7. Swimming

While it may sound like a boring activity or even a solo one to do so, swimming can be a great way to spend some memorable time with your friends. Other than it being an active sport, it really helps to relax the mind and the body which makes it a good choice. Moreover, you can play some fun water games with your friends such as Marco Polo, where one person is assigned as ‘Marco’ who has to catch the others in the water with eyes closed. 

8. Chinese Whisper

This completely free of gadgets and props game is always fun to play, regardless of the age and number of people! Chinese Whisper which is also known as Telephone, is good pastime game without having much to do. Especially with friends, you can make it really interesting by the player who starts the game whispering funny messages to others or just difficult names to see how the message turns out by the end of the line!

9. Rock Papers Scissors

An OG game that almost everyone knows how to play; Rock, Papers and Scissors is one of the easiest games out there that only involves the use of your hands. A lot of people play this game to decide on something when they are confused. Usually played between two people but multiple people can also play at once, you have to form a shape which is either of a rock, paper or scissors at the same time. Here are the basic rules for it:

  • Rock defeats scissors
  • Scissors defeats paper
  • Paper defeats rock

10. Origami

If you are looking to spend some productive time with your friends, then try origami! This Japanese paper folding art involves transforming a blank sheet of paper into an artistic piece, through folding and sculpting. It can be made into different colored shapes, objects and animals. Origami has no limits; you can spend as much time as you need and as many practice sessions. This makes it a fun activity to do with your friends.

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