Going Solo: Why Individual Sports Are the New Trend in Fitness

Individual sports are the new trend in fitness with a variety of activities to choose from. From land sports to water sports, we have a whole list of solo sports if you are looking to stay fit or just to try out new sports on your own!

1. Cycling

This all-age sport never gets old. Cycling is a great way to stay fit, something that you can do almost daily, without having much to do. Kids from a small age learn how to ride bicycle which makes it a great solo sport to engage in. Apart from being a good pastime activity, it is a means of transportation for a lot of people around the world, especially in the countryside and rural areas.

2. Archery

An adventurous, land sport that is something not everyone can master. Archery is an ancient sport which is played as a competitive sport but more interestingly, used for hunting. The traditional bow and arrows are more than enough to take down an animal as big as a deer! While, it requires a whole lot of attention to detail, focus and practice, it is a great activity to try out as you are really giving your body and muscles a workout by pulling the bow to shoot arrows.

3. Horseback Riding

This strenuous sport requires some serious physical strength and control! Handling a horse is not an easy thing to do, which is why you need a few try outs before you can really balance yourself and ride a horse. It is usually enjoyed as a laidback, leisure sport with your own riding time or a nice way to spend a morning or evening on your own in the open. However, it is also an excellent way to stay fit! Horseback riding is also played at a competitive level with different horseback riding events held every year which a lot of people enjoy watching!

4. Golf

For introverts who like quiet, solo activities with the attention to the sport, then this is for you. While golf is more popular among older adults, it can be played by people of all ages. With focused practice, you can learn how to play in a short time and it is great pastime activity and way to release stress.

5. Swimming

Whether you are looking to take a swim in an open water or at your regular swimming pool, this is one of the most popular sports for fitness. From diving to different swimming styles and strokes, there are no limits in learning new techniques while swimming. Oh, and the best part is you can fully relax all on your own!

6. Rock Climbing

This aesthetically pleasing yet challenging, single person activity is surely something to try out! Rock climbing also known as bouldering, involves climbing on a wall filled with rocks where you can climb up, down or across the surface. Nowadays, they are a lot of popular areas with indoor rock-climbing walls. However, if you are an adventurous person with no limits, you can try climbing on a mountain with natural rocks. Just be sure to have a rope that is long enough to support you and a set of safety gear. Note that this sport is definitely not for people who have a fear of heights!

7. Taekwondo

This Korean martial art is also recognized as an international sport with various championships held around the world. Taekwondo involves different self-defense techniques of punching and kicking. You need to be flexible, fit and have the right speed to master taekwondo. There is a proper uniform worn while playing this sport which is usually a traditional white outfit. Taekwondo is known to increase stamina and concentration while really toning and strengthening your muscles. You can receive different belts in taekwondo based on your level with a white belt given at the time of the training.

8. Scuba Diving

This underwater sport will surely leave you gasping for air! Scuba (an acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) diving is a popular bucket list activity which takes place in a sea or an ocean. The diver goes underwater while wearing a diving mask and a scuba diving suit, with a cylinder filled with oxygen. It is a great solo sport especially for those who are daring enough and love to explore new places. You can discover different species that live underwater and really watch them in their natural habitat!

9. Skiing

This is an outdoor, recreational sport which takes place in a snowy surface. Skiing is the art of gliding and jumping downhill on snow while wearing a pair of skis. Apart from that, you need goggles, helmets and ski gloves and an attire to carry out this sport. This can be fun challenge for people who are trying it out for the first time. It is a winter activity which is great adrenaline rush sport!

10. Skateboarding

This board sport is a fun activity that you can learn on your own. Skateboarding doesn’t have any hard and fast rules, you can ride casually or learn a few tricks that involve jumping etc. However, you should ride with caution in a safe area and with some gear such as a helmet and knee or elbow pad.

11. Running

This might be the simplest and easiest form of active sports that guarantees fitness! As humans, we all learn to walk around a small age so running is not that hard for us. However, you need to build a stamina and be consistent. Running, jogging or sprinting are ideal for burning calories or just simply to stay fit. Moreover, this type of sport is a great way to release endorphins, hence making it a perfect stress reliever.

12. Parkour

If you have watched The Office, you may know about this term, this also went viral as a meme on social media. So, what exactly is parkour? This unusual yet athletic type of sport consists of various movements such as jumping, climbing, rolling, vaulting etc. A player has to use these techniques to move from one point to another, in the shortest time possible. This exhilarating sport provides a full body workout, better suited for people who are athletic.

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Written by Openiun