Empowering Girls in Youth Sports: Breaking Gender Barriers

Sports is an excellent way to get some quality physical and mental exercise with a range of activities to choose from. While people from around the world are opting for different sports as a full-time profession, there is no doubt that the sports industry is dominated by men. However, women in sports are on the rise with more and more individuals breaking the gender barriers and emerging as top athletes across the globe.

There are several female athletes in the 2 player sports industry that are recognized and praised all around the world. They are truly an inspiration for women and young girls in sports to pursue a career in the field, for those who wish to play sports professionally! Read below about some of the most notable women in sports.

1. Billie Jean King (Tennis Player)

She was the first woman to be crowned as the “Sportsperson of the Year” in 1972. The following year, she gained much more popularity as she defeated the top men’s tennis player, Bobby Riggs! Being a tennis sensation for over two decades, Billie Jean King was also the first president for the Women’s Tennis Association and even after she had retired as a player, she worked to help better the lives of women while also promoting gender equality in youth sports.

2. Patrizia Panico (Football Player and Coach)

A former Italian footballer who has achieved over 110 goals for Italy and has also played in big leagues such as UEFA Women’s Championship and FIFA World Cup. Patrizia Panico is regarded as the all-time top scorer for the Italy’s women’s team and also became the first female in the history of football to be assigned as the manager of a men’s national football team.

3. Serena Williams (Tennis Player)

An undefeated tennis champion who is popular for her massive list of achievements, Serena Williams is undoubtedly one of the best sports players of all time. She carries the record for the highest Grand Slam wins, with around 23 unique titles. Her dedication and unmatched rivalry at the age of 41 years (as of today) is something that is empowering for women and young girls out there!

4. Simone Biles (Gymnastics Player)

One of the most famous athletes around the world, Simone Biles is a gymnast icon with 7 Olympic medals and 25 World Championship medals including 18 gold, making it more than any other gymnasts in the world! And, what’s more amazing is that the 2 world championship gold medals she bagged were at the age of 16, making another all-time record! Her specialty includes vault, balance beam and floor exercise which are some of the gymnastic elements that are named after her.

5. Ronda Rousey (Mixed Martial Arts Player)

The first ever female Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) winner, Ronda Rousey proved to the world that women can also master such a difficult sport such as MMA. Being the combat sport champion, she paved way for other women to join this sport. A fierce former judoka, Ronda played judo at a young age which led to her impressive fighting skills making her a professional wrestler, who is well-known in the mixed martial arts field!

6. Danica Patrick (Auto Racing Player)

A former American professional racer, Danica Patrick is surely one of the few prominent female figures in the professional racing industry. Being the first and the only woman to win an IndyCar series race and being a popular icon in the NASCAR Cup series with scoring 7 top 10s, marking yet another record for a female in the NASCAR series. Danica pursued her career in professional racing due to her interest in cars and karting from a very young age which is an example for other young girls who have a passion for racing!

7. Alexandra Morgan (Soccer Player)

A popular sports figure who is best known as a striker in the professional soccer world, Alex Morgan has aided to massive success for the US women’s team with numerous World Cup wins including the FIFA Women’s World Cup and a few Olympics gold medals. Apart from her impressive soccer playing skills, she is also known for raising her voice in gender equality issues by helping the women receive equal pay as men soccer players.

8. Lindsay Vonn (Ski Player)

One of the most renowned American female athletes who is an exceptional skier. Lindsay Vonn is known for her outstanding technical skills, speed and dedication which makes her one of the best Olympic ski racers of all time, while possessing three Olympic medals. She bagged the titles for 3 consecutive years and has won four World Cup overall championships, making her the only woman to do so. Lindsay debuted as an international skier at just the age of 14, making her an inspiration for other young girls in sports.

9. Ibtihaj Muhammad (Fencing Player)

Being the first Arab female athlete to win an Olympics medal in the team saber event in 2016, Ibtihaj Muhammad is also the first Muslim-American woman who wore a hijab while playing fencing, representing the United States. Apart from being an Olympic winner and a notable member of the US women’s fencing team, she is a great example of inclusivity for women in the sports industry.

10. Kathleen Ledecky (Swimming Player)

The fastest female swimmer of all time, Kathleen Ledecky is a 7-time Olympic medal winner and has 21 World Championship gold medals who is an inspiration to all the swimmers out there. She is best known for her mastery in freestyle races, with massive distance varying from 200 meters to up to 1500 meters, Kathleen being the winner of the 1500-meter race in the World Aquatics Championship! Her achievements and resilience as a pro swimmer are something that are praiseworthy and exemplary for all aspiring female athletes out there.

These esteemed female sports athletes from around the world playing in different categories are surely empowering enough for all the females out there. If you are also looking for a sport to join or learn, you can search for youth sports near me and find the perfect fit for you!

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