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7 Amazingly Simple Ways to Lose Belly Fat Fast

We all hate getting that extra fat on our bellies but it seems like we can never easily get rid of it. However, our little efforts in the right direction can help us reduce it effectively.

Are we following a healthy routine? This is one important question that we should be asking ourselves, you might be thinking what is the relation of healthy routine and belly fat?

Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple. Following a healthy routine automatically make us less stressful. It has been found out that the increase in the level of stress may result in the increase of belly fat.

Having belly fat is extremely unhealthy as it can trigger various deadly diseases. Getting rid of it is easier than you think. You just have to incorporate the following changes in your daily routine. Yes, it is as simple as that!

Get Enough Sleep


The very first important thing to get your routine straight is by getting enough sleep. Everyone of us require at least 7 hours of sleep. It helps us start our day while feeling all the freshness.

The best way to enjoy a peaceful night sleep is that you should keep yourself away from all types of screen at least for 30 minutes before sleep.

It helps keep all the stress at bay while we are asleep as we rise up absolutely fresh the next day. It also keeps our metabolism perfectly working.

Give Your Metabolism A Boost

source: Rachel Talbott

When we talk about boosting metabolism, our attention goes straight to the first and most important meal of the day. Yes, we are talking about breakfast. It must be packed with all the healthy nutrients to give your day a healthy start.

It will also help us stay energized for the whole day while keeping all the factors that trigger belly fat at bay. Yes, the less we are stressed, the less there are chances we get belly fat. Eating healthy breakfast is an extremely beneficial habit as it effectively reduces the cholesterol levels.

Are you taking 10000 steps a day?


Belly fat is not all about diet, it is also about how many steps are you taking a day? According to a study the number of steps taken by an average man has been reduced from 10,000 to 1,500. The diet hasn’t been changed but the fat increases by whopping 7% in weeks.

Some simple changes in routine can help you walk more. Like taking a walk to grocery store, park or work (if it is a few blocks away). However, getting a pedometer that counts your steps also increases the level of motivation in you

Unable to talk long walks? Simply stand up after every 30 minutes and take at least 30 steps that is absolutely not a big deal.

Switch to a whole grain diet


The benefits of consuming whole grains are amazing. Unlike the refined grains, they are rich in fiber, making you feel stronger and more active. People who eat whole grain breads daily tend to be healthier with less belly fat.

If you have incorporated low-fat dairy, lean meat and of course, the whole grain bread in your daily diet, then you could incredibly lose that bothersome belly fat.

Drink a lot of water

Source: Shaw Academy

We have used the term ‘a lot’ is because most of us are prone to dehydration because we consume only a few glasses of water a day. Drinking enough amount of water every day is required for you to fight belly fat.

A very common misconception found among us that makes us a victim of obesity si that we consume sugary drinks and fruit juices that come in packages throughout the day to hydrate ourselves. However, all these things are not hydrating or energizing our bodies but are doing vice versa.

Get rid of all these carbonated and sugary drinks and drink plenty of water and fresh juices to stay hydrated all day long and to keep your belly tucked in.

Take a walk after every meal

Source: Yes! Magazine

Whether you eat heavy or light, taking a walk after meal is beneficial. In our daily routine, we are habitual of only sitting or lying instead of walking once after taking every meal. There is no denying to it that we are busy in our routines but a few minutes of walk won’t do any harm.

Forget about vigorous exercises, walk can help you a lot with your belly fat if you do it regularly while keeping a proper watch on the diet you are consuming.

This will also ultimately help you achieve that 10,000 steps milestone.

Keeping a check on your progress


This is what affects us psychologically. Yes, when we are keeping a record of how much weight or belly fat we have reduced, it gives us a sense of achievement automatically.

Take a soft measuring tape and set a milestone on it. It will also give you an idea as to how much progress have you made while measuring your waist inch by inch.

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