10 Foods That Help with Nausea

If the world in front of you suddenly starts shaking or spinning and all of a sudden you feel the urge to vomit, then you are surely unwell. You could be suffering from nausea. 

It is one of the most common health conditions. Around half of the adult population experiences nausea in a year. It may be an often or a frequently occurring, depending on the health of a person and their resistance level. 

It all starts within the brain, where a chain of chemical reactions begins combining different elements that act as emotional or cognitive triggers. It impacts your entire nervous system, resulting in dysfunctional stomach muscles. This chain reaction will make you nauseated and feel sick.

Some of the most common causes of nausea include surgery, gut diseases, different types of infections, medications for diseases like cancer and hepatitis, hormonal disorders, different types of food allergies, phobias, intolerances, and pregnancy. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the 10 best foods that help with nausea and other useful tips for treating nausea. 

What To Eat if You’re Nauseated

Here’s what you need to eat and drink if you’re feeling nauseous. 

Dry Foods Like Crackers and Toast

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When you are nauseated, the worst you can do is cook. This is why health experts advise people who are feeling nauseous to consume foods that require little or no cooking at all. There are many different types of foods and snacks that can be enjoyed without cooking. For nauseated people, it is better to eat dry foods like crackers, cereals, toast, and breadsticks. 

Water and Other Clear Drinks

People often don’t like eating at all when they are feeling nauseous. In such a situation, you must try your best to stay hydrated, especially if you are feeling sick or weak. Water can be a great source of hydration but if you are suffering from diarrhea, regaining the electrolytes you may have lost is the best way to recover and energize yourself. You can try having iced tea, clear juices, sports drinks, and coconut water. 


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If you are searching for the best home remedies for nausea, look no further and give your meals some gingery flavor. You can cut a small piece of fresh ginger and eat it to reduce nausea symptoms. A lot of people also like hot beverages, they can make their own ginger tea. Take an inch-long piece of freshly peeled ginger root and pour a cup of boiling hot water over it. Ginger is also best known for its antiemetic abilities. 


All the foods that help with nausea are usually nutritious and provide you with all the energy you need to keep going all day long. Nausea can be a chronic condition and it is important for you to stay strong. Packed with a good dose of calcium and other essential nutrients, bananas can be very good for you if you want to regain all the energy you may have lost while being sick. A medium-sized banana may provide you with hundreds of calories and essential carbs. 

Cold Foods

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If you are thinking to have ice cream or any other type of cold food, then you are not alone. People who are usually sick with nausea can’t stand warm food items and their strong odor. According to a medical survey, food smells can be among the biggest triggers of nausea. So, go ahead and satisfy your cold food cravings and sweet tooth by having ice creams, desserts, and chilled fruit salads. All these are among the best to eat when you are nauseous. 

Starchy Foods

Get yourself served with a bowl of rice, noodles or your favorite mash potatoes and dig in. Yes, these are some of the most commonly consumed starchy foods that help with nausea. Since these foods are colorless and odorless, they can be easily tolerated and eaten by people who are nauseated. Along with tasting good and healthily rich in carbs, they can also be a great source of calories. 

Peppermint and Other Herbal Teas

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Widely considered a popular home remedy for nausea, herbal tea can get your internal system essentially hydrated. However, there is no scientific evidence to support all the claims that people make about the effectiveness of herbal tea to reduce nausea symptoms. Probably the most commonly recommended recipe of herbal tea for nauseated people is the mixture of peppermint tea with lemon in hot water. 

Protein and Carb-rich Foods

According to a new medical study, protein-rich meals are very essential for people who are suffering from different types of illnesses including chronic nausea. The latest research has also found out that protein-rich drinks are also great at suppressing the symptoms of nausea. These foods work way more effectively than high-fat food items in helping you recover or fight nauseous feelings and significantly bring down the risk of malnutrition. High-fat and oily dishes are also among the foods you should avoid when you’re sick.

Chicken Soup

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Whether you are having a headache or fever, Chicken soup is a highly effective remedy. It is also one of the best foods that help with nausea. Since soups are broths are partially liquid food items, they are even suitable for nauseated people. A bowl of your favorite chicken soup may not be a good source of hydration but also help you regain some electrolytes. You can also mix some vegetables to add more essential vitamins and minerals to your meal. 


Citric acid may also be good to cure nausea and one of the best ways to consume it is in the form of lemons. It helps your internal system in terms of the digestion of food and is also good for your stomach. You can mix some fresh lemon juice in your water and sip this citrus-rich clear beverage throughout the day. It would be significant in preventing and treating nausea. 

Other Tips for Treating Nausea

No matter the reason, nausea always gives you that queasy feeling that literally makes you sick to your stomach. Along with the aforementioned foods and drinks that you should take if you are feeling nauseous, there are many other simple but effective tips to treat nausea. 

The basic remedies we have listed below will provide you with either rapid relief from nausea or at least make you feel better. 

  • It is better to consume a meal after every 1 to 2 hours. Never skip meals and starve yourself. An empty stomach would make you feel even worse if you are nauseated. Also, whenever you eat or drink, take your meal slowly and in small quantities that can be easily digested. 
  • Try not to crunch your stomach and sit up straight. It would never be a good idea to lie down after having a meal. Crunching your stomach by sitting or laying down in the wrong postures may intensify your nausea. 
  • You need to have proper ventilation in your home as fresh air significantly reduces the symptoms and feelings of nausea. If you don’t have adequate ventilation arrangements in your home, sit in front of a fan or stay as close as possible to a window or any other fresh air inlet in your home. 
  • Try to focus on something else. If you are constantly working for a long time, take a break before you start feeling sick or nauseous. Leave your workstation, start walking and take a few deep breaths. Once you start feeling better and more comfortable, continue with whatever you were doing before. 
  • A lot of people may not be aware of the fact that meditation is another great way to ease nausea symptoms. So, take a deep breath and relax to calm your mind and nerves.

We hope the aforementioned foods and remedies will help you get rid of nausea and keep yourself well-nourished and fresh, so you can feel better and more comfortable not only when you’re sick but also in the long run. 


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