Can You Lose Weight by Walking? 4 Incredible Tips to Burn Fat

Walking is one of the most important and easiest physical activities, which benefits the entire body. It is highly recommended by healthcare experts, dieticians, and other types of medical practitioners for weight control and obesity prevention. By just adding half an hour of brisk walking to your day-to-day routine would significantly benefit your health.

So, can you lose weight by walking? Well, the answer to this question is a definitive yes. Let’s find out more about how walking helps you burn calories and lose weight in many different ways.

How Many Calories You Burn by Walking 

When it comes to burning calories by walking it greatly depends on the weight of the person as well as the distance they usually cover while walking. A general rule of thumb is that any person who has a weight of around 180 pounds loses about 100 calories while walking for a mile. For the same distance, a person with a weight of 120 pounds would burn about 65 calories. 

The faster you walk, the more weight you lose. Yes, it is true. However, the logical explanation for this widely accepted fact is that even if adapting to a faster walking pace doesn’t make much difference in terms of calories you lose per mile, it definitely makes a difference because by walking faster, you’ll be able to cover more distance during the same time.

How Walking Can Help You Lose Weight 

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Controlling your food intake alone is not enough when it comes to weight loss diet plans. You also have to adopt a healthy routine, which means exercising, working out, jogging, or walking on a regular basis. If you have no health concerns, you should take a brisk walk of at least 30 minutes daily. 

Walking doesn’t only make you stay healthy and fit but also helps you in losing belly fat, which is one of the major concerns of almost every other adult. Walking doesn’t only help you in your weight shredding regime, it also helps you stay physically active and live longer.  If you don’t want to get fat, it is very important for you to lose more calories than you normally gain by consuming different types of foods on a regular basis. 

As discussed, walking at least 1 mile would help you reduce around 100 calories. The number of calories could be more or less, depending on your gender and weight. You can take a walk, any time or anywhere you want, which makes it one of the easiest physical activities that can be a part of anyone’s weight loss routine.

Tips to Burn Fat While Walking

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Here are some of the most useful tips to burn fat while walking:

Picking up the Pace 

The pace with which you are walking will definitely make a difference. The faster you go, the more distance you cover; and the more distance you cover, the more calories you burn. It is as simple as that. A person who is taking a walk at a brisk pace is definitely going to burn more calories than someone who is slowly. It has also been proven by different studies and medical surveys.

Walking Uphill 

Another great way to up your walking game to burn more calories and lose more weight is by taking a walk uphill. If you usually rely on home workouts to lose weight and stay fit, you can increase the gradient of your treadmill to make your body work harder. This tip is more suitable for people who usually exercise and walk indoors. If you like to carry out your exercising routine outdoors, you can take a path that is inclined or hilly while walking. Walking uphill requires more effort, this burns more calories.

Power Walking

Start with a warm-up walk for at least 5 to 10 minutes before you increase your pace. Then increase your pace slowly but gradually. Walk faster and faster until you start to feel uncomfortable but make sure to sustain your pace for a short time, around 10 to 15 seconds until you slow down. You can do the same with your walking equipment like a treadmill by increasing and decreasing its speed. It is called power walking in intervals and it is one of the best tips to burn fat while walking.

Wearing a Weighted Vest 

It is one of the most obvious facts heavier people burn more calories while walking or carrying out different types of physical activities. It is because more calories are required by a heavy body to perform any particular physical task than a thin or slim body. This is one of the common reasons why health experts recommend people to wear weighted vests if they want to lose more calories while walking. The higher the efforts, the greater the intensity of weight loss.

Other Health Benefits of Walking 

Along with helping you with your weight loss diet plan, walking can benefit you in both ways mentally and physically. Now, we’ll take a look at some of the most noteworthy health benefits of walking:

Preserves Lean Muscles, Make You More Athletic

Unlike many exercises and diet plans that may often lead to weight as well as muscle loss, which could not only be counterproductive but also affect your health, walking has been medically proven to help you preserve lean muscles. It is one of the most incredible health benefits of walking that not only makes your body more athletic but also significantly contributes to your overall strength and muscle endurance.

Boosts Your Mood to Help You Stay Positive

One of the most surprising benefits of walking is that it helps you to boost your mood and feel positive. Like many other physical activities and exercises, walking is also a great way to reduce the stress that ultimately improves your mood as well as keeps you away from anxiety and depression. Walking increases the level of hormones in your brain that naturally help you overcome the feeling of depression.

Slashes Belly Fat and Gets You in Shape

Belly fat is very hard to lose, especially if you have a dull routine that doesn’t involve much physical activity. Storing a lot of fat, especially around your belly is often associated with many different types of medical conditions and the best way to get rid of it is by walking, which is a very easy and moderate-intensity physical activity that anyone can easily perform. Many studies have shown that people who regularly walk and are on a controlled diet significantly reduce their waistlines.

Prevents Different Types of Health Conditions

There are many different health benefits of walking. It is an understood fact that if walking helps you stay fit, it may also help you prevent many different types of health conditions. For instance, If you adopt an active routine and walk or jog regularly, you can keep your heart healthy. Walking is also one of the best ways for either preventing life-long medical conditions or managing critical diseases like respiratory problems, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and even cancer.

Can you lose weight by walking? Well, by going through all the aforementioned factors and health benefits of walking, you may have gotten your answer. Not to mention, given all the health benefits that are associated physically active routine, there’s no denying the fact that walking is one of the best and most useful ways leading towards a healthy and fit lifestyle for people of all age groups. 

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Written by Spencer K