One small word but needs a thesis and a lifetime to master in terms of learning and teaching the next generation.
Our current generation needs the spiritual and educational guidance to nourish our minds.

Tarbiyah is a series dedicated to teaching children of the future so they are not just educated but wise. Wisdom differs  from education, As light differs from Noor. Knowledge when combined with spirituality becomes wisdom but can only be granted by the higher supreme- Allah. 

Tarbiyah constitutes of 

  • Education ( knowledge) 
  • Parental/ elderly behaviour model ( obedience) 
  • QuranIc teachings ( religion and spirituality)
  • Ahlul bayt example ( perfect family model) 
  • Social interaction with others ( actions)  
  • Environment ( external factors) 
  • Guarding of Senses ( desires Nafs) 
  • listening to your inner voice – self reflection 

We will discuss each in detail in Tarbiyah series 

What do you think?

Written by aimen