9 Useful Studying Tips for ADHD

Studying with Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) becomes a very challenging task if you are not following the right strategy or technique, especially if you are preparing for tests or cramming a night before the exam. According to recent surveys and studies, medical experts have figured out different ways that’ll help ADHD patients to study in a better and more effective manner. 

In this article, we have put together a list of 9 useful studying tips for ADHD that will help you learn faster and do better on tests and exams without the need of pulling all-nighters.

Plan for Longer Study Time

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It is very important for you to make yourself feel ultimately relaxed. This would only be possible for you if you plan for longer study time. Segregate your schedule for each and every subject. Having plenty of time for reading books, studying, and learning them will let you get a good grasp of information that you are feeding your brain. Don’t rush the process. If you think any particular subject needs more attention, change your schedule accordingly.

Develop a Regular Routine

This is one of the most useful studying tips for ADHD. You should take some time out of your everyday routine to work on your educational tasks, studying, and learning. You would get a good grip on your educational subjects and other related material with time. Try not to skip your routine for too long. It is often tough to train your mind for a particular routine and skipping it frequently would make it hard for you to keep track of the progress that you have made in learning and exams preparation. Developing a regular routine is a way to study smarter not harder, especially for people with ADHD.

Take Frequent Breaks

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Students with ADHD usually find it very hard to sustain mental effort and concentration for a long period of time. So, to bring down the level of struggle, taking frequent breaks is crucial. During your regular study schedule, spare a few minutes every day to take breaks in regular intervals. It would make help you concentrate more, helping you learn faster and retain more information. Along with taking regular breaks during your study time, it is also very important for you as a student to take enough sleep. It will help you boost your academic performance in different aspects.

Get a Tutor When Necessary

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If you feel like you need a tutor to manage and organize your study routine go for it. It is not recommended for people with ADHD to put unnecessary stress on their minds. Your tutor can be anyone. It can be your teacher, your friend, or any of your family members, whoever you are comfortable with. Once you have your study routine sorted with the help of a tutor, you may not need to pull all-nighters. Make sure your study schedule has been divided into manageable chunks, so it won’t make you feel overwhelmed. Work on all these strategies, especially if you have to manage your test preparation and exam study schedule.

Rewrite Notes

You don’t have to follow your original study notes if you are finding it hard to learn and study from them. In fact, one of the best studying tips for people with ADHD is to rewrite notes. You can even use diagrams or draw any other types of figures — whatever helps you learn best. You can also convert your notes into short questions and answers. Reworking your course outline the way you find it easier to cover is also a good way to strategize your learning process to make it simpler for yourself. One thing you need to take care of is that no matter in what form you are writing, outlining, or organizing them, the notes you are putting together should make sense to you, so make sure you are creating them clearly and concisely.

Don’t Try to Cram

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One of the most important studying tips for ADHD that you need to remember is that cramming isn’t going to help you at all. Instead, it would be an overwhelming experience, leaving you stressed and depressed. You may also feel like quitting or giving up. So, prepare yourself beforehand. Follow your study schedule effectively. Don’t wait to prepare at the very last moment. The only way to improve your study habits and score good grades is by managing your time in a better way and don’t surround yourself with distractions during your study time. This way you can enhance your focus and attention on your study material.

Sip a Sugary Drink

Students with ADHD need to keep sugary drinks with them when studying. Surprising, isn’t it? Research has found out that drinks that are rich in sugary content and glucose act as a source of fuel for the brain. People who are low on glucose are unable to concentrate on their studies and things could get even more complicated for people with ADHD. A healthier option would be apple juice. It won’t overload your system with sugar while providing you with enough glucose to boost your brain’s performance while studying. Please note that we are talking about sips (not gulps) of sugary drinks, which can improve your concentration and focus.

Reward Yourself

Like many other useful studying tips for your next exams, it is important for you to divide your course into smaller milestones and whenever you achieve any one of them reward yourself in different ways to make things more interesting. This would make your study session more productive and enjoyable. You would always find yourself motivated towards achieving a new milestone. This strategy works great for students with ADHD, who often find it hard to concentrate or focus on their study material in a monotonous, excessively long, and tiring routine without any breaks or creative strategies.

Use a Laptop to Take Notes

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It may be a daunting task for you to write each and everything down. This is when technology comes in handy. Get a laptop and take all your notes on it. Store them in a specific file and folder, so it would be easier for you to access them every time you need them. Organize your files according to subjects and courses. Keep your laptop with you during your studying time. Try not to access your social accounts or any other multimedia files that are not relevant to your studies on your laptop and stay away from all possible distractions to maintain focus.

These were the 9 research-based studying tips for ADHD. The aforementioned strategies will help people with ADHD to study in an organized manner without getting distracted, which will ultimately improve their academic performance and help them achieve good grades. If you found this article useful, don’t forget to share it in your social circle.


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