• Things to do in Singapore in 5 days

    Singapore Things to do with kids  Universal studios- Santosa world  Wild wild wet  Bounce Singapore  Food Orchard road icecream sandwich $1.40 Roti Prata Mr and Mrs Morgan pratha or roti pratha house Newton food centre- Michelin star street food Hupp Kee fried oyster omelette Hokkien Popiah best savoury crepe Alliance seafood – chilli crab Haji […] More

  • Top London Garden Designers

    Sam lewis landscapes & gardens 2081231818 [email protected] London hertfordshire gardensbysam taylor moran garden muswell hill taylormorangardens rich green gardens berkshire richgreengardens randle Siddeley Ltd trafalgar London randlesiddeley rowan Tindale Gloucestershire rowantindaledesign More


    I have been in London for the last 6 years. Being an Overseas qualified Dentist, I have worked in numerous clinics as a Practice Manger , Treatment Coordinator and Trainee dental care professional. I have observed many Dental clinics during the process. I chose Dentistry as my profession, as I had an eye for detail, […] More

  • Aimen’s Verdict – How to lose weight

    As soon as I hit 35 I realized that my BMR ( basal metabolic rate) is not the same anymore. The same chappati/ roti and heavy meals which used to get easily digested and used , the same calories are now piling up on me. I was always fit in my childhood , a runner […] More

  • Tarbiyah

    One small word but needs a thesis and a lifetime to master in terms of learning and teaching the next generation. Our current generation needs the spiritual and educational guidance to nourish our minds. Tarbiyah is a series dedicated to teaching children of the future so they are not just educated but wise. Wisdom differs […] More

  • Confessions of a Millinium Muslim

    I must be 7 years old, when I saw an image of a theatre in Bosnia where thousands of people got killed.My tiny brain back then couldn’t comprehend what had happened ..I wondered- How could it happen? How could someone let it happen?. I don’t know where to start to explain what goes through a […] More

  • Confessions of a Millennial Muslim

    Today was one of those days, where I had it with procrastinating.I wanted to write because I wanted to share what goes through a mind of a Muslim. I am a mother of three children, living in a western society pretty much like a single parent, considering my hubby dear is trying to make a […] More

  • Islamic Manual- Ramadan Series

     (May Peace and Mercy and Blessings of Allah be Upon   !                  السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ We are starting a Ramdan series of Articles based on the dietary prohibitions in Islam and other religions based on scientific facts and research. Islam is a code of life. […] More

  • The Holy Grail to Beauty

    New to instagram and blogging ? Want to know the inside tips and tricks of the beauty world without going through endless time consuming following ?  Well your in for a treat ! We have compiled that top beauty products from the top celebrities , models , vloggers, bloggers and makeup artists around the world. […] More