Styling tricks from the glorious ’90s

The ‘90s fashion scene was dominated by a glorious glamour and the edgy boldness of the carefree youth that exuded a sassy attitude, an effortless confidence and a casual sexiness. Grunge glamour dominated the runways, and designers, such as Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen, introduced fashionistas to the basics of minimalism.

Style goddesses and super models, such as the Spice Girls, Kate Moss, Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford, inspired contemporary trends with their platform stilettos, sexy plaid outfits, silk slip dresses, ripped jeans and wide-leg pants. Chokers were all the rage, so was blue eye shadow and louder than loud makeup.

Needless to say, a nonchalant glamour dominated and defined the fashion trends throughout the ‘90s, and pop artists, such as Gwen Stefani, encouraged the public to experiment with bold trends and feisty fashions.

Let’s feast our eyes on some of the timeless ’90 styling hacks that continue to rule the trend radar:

Nicely Knotted

Ladies, here’s an amazingly effortless styling trick to slim down your waist and accentuate your curves: just knot up your shirt at the midriff. This allows you to turn your long t-shirts, blouses, and button-downs into sexy navel-revealing crop tops. If your shirt is too baggy or loose, knotting it up would be the perfect way to flaunt it with confidence.

Short Stories

If you’re one of those girls who packs away her shorts as soon as the chilly season starts, girl, you’re committing the ultimate fashion crime. For, the frosty season is the perfect time to pair up your denim shorts with colorful tights, sleek stockings, and sheer tights. This used to be a huge contemporary casual trend back in the ‘90s.

Choke on it!

Contrary to what most people believe, chokers were introduced into the fashion scene back in the ‘90s, and a thin strip of ribbon-like neckties soared to become a massive accessory trend. Today, you get to flaunt this trend with a wide myriad of variety, ranging from fabric chokers to pearls, beads, gems and artsy metallic delights.

Go Monochrome

Matching separates are yet another super-functional fashion trend that retained its glamour since the ‘90s, and it continues to reign contemporary styles with its effortless glamour. Besides, a pair of matching separates is the ultimate style ticket to save time and look on-point.

Sensually, Silk

If you’re a big fan of Friends, you can’t forget the insanely hot silk slip dresses flaunted by Rachel. She would layer up her slip dresses atop full-sleeved shirts to create the chicest outfits of all time. And recently, this statement has sparked quite the rage of fashion runways. You can flaunt slip dresses with turtlenecks, overalls, halter dresses, or even as a standalone dress for a sexy statement at a black-tie event.

Fifty Shades of Blue

Blue eyeshadow was one of the hottest makeup trends back in the ‘90s, however, it garnered a great deal of criticism in the years to come. However, since the spring of 2016, fashion brands, such as Fendi and Prada, began experimenting with blue and once again, it emerged as the sleekest of beauty trends. Shades of blue eyeshadow, shimmery blue, cobalt, indigo, navy, baby blue, and many more, are perfect to give your face an energetic pop of color.

Draped in Velvet

Velvet is one of the most luxurious and timeless of fabrics, and its versatile glamour can simply never lose its reign over the fashion radar. It is the ultimate fabric to brim up your outfit with a classic ‘old Hollywood style glamour, whether you flaunt a chic blazer, crop top, sleeveless tunics or a floor-grazing gown.

Funky & Vibrant

Rockstars in the ‘90s funneled in a vivaciously feisty trend of bright and vibrant color palettes with their funky graphics ensembles and colored sunglasses. Bright colors are forever a la mode and they are just what you need to create an exciting outfit that exudes a loud confidence.


The gorgeous Kate Moss is responsible for funneling the romantically sensual makeup trend of muted matte lips, which can seal all your formal and casual looks with overpowering sophistication and subtle hints of sensuality. Today, you can paint your lips nude with all kinds of innovated matted and glossy formulas!

Pink Hair, Don’t Care!

Gwen Stefani ignited the pink hair trend by dying her blonde locks with an electrifyingly energetic pink, and we’re so glad she took this bold step, for it brought an end to the monotony of boring hair dyes. If you’re not up for a hot pink hair dye, you can always experiment with rose gold highlights or pink low-lights perhaps.

Denim Diaries

Denim jackets, denim skirts, jeans, overalls-basically everything made with this luxuriously versatile fabric had immense style savviness back in the ‘90s. Even today, denim continues to reign over the trend radar with its timeless appeal, and womankind is forced to marvel at the fact that it is indeed the most functional fabric that can be paired with any and every outfit. So ladies, be sure to stock up heaps of denim, and for an edgy statement, pick out jeans and jackets that are excessively ripped.

Metallic Fever

Metallic eyeshadows were an essential element of the glamour grunge fashion scene and the rockstar vibe that dominated the trend radar in the ‘90s. Fashion runways and red carpets were brimming with makeup statements that rocked shimmery metallic hues, like rose gold, silver, gold, copper, and browns. Metallic lipsticks and eyeshadows are being revived again, and you can shop the infamous Kylie palettes to create these looks.

Biker Girl

The glorious ‘90s saw Winona Ryder turning a black leather jacket, the most versatile staple in a woman’s wardrobe, into the biggest glamour sensation. Winona taught us over 5 dozen insanely voguish ways of playing up a sharp leather jacket by becoming the hottest inspiration for the biker girl chic. Today, you get to shop exciting leather jackets with vibrant graphics, rockstuds, embroideries, metallic detailing patches and lots more.

Spice Girl’s Heels

We owe an abundance of gratitude to style icons like David Bowie and the Spice Girls for introducing us to the hottest footwear trend of the ‘90s: the chunky sky-high platform heels. These delights are all one needs for an overpowering dose of rockstar-like glamour.

Crop it, girl!

Crop tops were first introduced back in the ‘90s, and they were embraced by women as a form of liberating their curves and flaunting their skin with confidence. You can pull off these delights anywhere and everywhere. For instance, athleisure crop tops are ideal for casual streetwear and gym, while sequined crop tops can be carried to festive occasions, parties and club-hopping nights.

Berry Obsession

Dark and pouty berry lips were an extremely sexy makeup trend flaunted by ‘90s It girls, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Anniston and Ashley Judd. Needless to say, wine red and berry-hued lipsticks are a woman’s secret weapon if she wants to stand out and demand attention.

Casually Overall

Dark and pouty berry lips were an extremely sexy makeup trend flaunted by ‘90s It girls, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Anniston and Ashley Judd. Needless to say, wine red and berry-hued lipsticks are a woman’s secret weapon if she wants to stand out and demand attention.

Casually Overall

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Written by Lara Kroft