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Struggles of a shy person

Every individual is entirely different from one another, while one might be the life of a party filled with confidence with the way they speak and the way they act, others might quite be the opposite. We’ve all at some point of our lives surely felt shy at one thing or the other but a person who is far more reserved will only understand the following everyday struggles of battling with their intense shyness.


One of the greatest downside of being shy is being misjudged almost at every first encounter. People will most immediately assume and judge you off for a bitch, rude, arrogant or snobby, when in reality you’re just extremely nervous to strike up a conversation or too busy trying to formulate the right answer to reply to in your head. You’re most likely to never introduce yourself to someone and let others do it for you.

No eye contact

Let’s admit it; every shy person tends to this. Making eye contact can be so uncomfortable sometimes for you because it feels so intimidating so you rather look anywhere else ignoring the eyes of the other person looking right into you. Sometimes you even force yourself to make eye contact just to show how attentive, interested or invested you are in the conversation taking place.

Social Anxiety

If you’re flooded with shyness you know what is it like to avoid talking to strangers and we’re not just talking about colleagues or classmates or the random guy from the train; but the idea of even communicating with a sales person or to ask an inquiry from the reception desk, better yet to speak to a stranger on the phone all creates this nerve wrecking anxiety and you end up either avoiding it or asking one of your friends to do it.

The fear of presentations

You gotta admit this is probably the biggest fear that resides in you. Any kind of presentation that needs to be presented scares the life out of you. Whether you are capable or not isn’t the concern but to just stand in front of a bunch of people staring at you while you present, it’s torture. Your heart races incredibly, some even become red, outbreaks of trembling or stuttering occurs and you just wish you could disappear in that moment.

Constant nagging of others

You probably will have at least one person in your life who will constantly be telling you to speak up or be louder to the point of getting annoying. Like we get it sister, we aren’t as confident as you are and we suck at this but can you just stop and accept our inability to interact normally please!

Occasional disappointment

Although we have accepted our shyness at some point in our lives the thought of it will disappoints us incredibly, especially during moments when you miss out talking to your crush because you’re too nervous, or you refuse to answer your professor when you know you’re right and someone else takes the credit. It really does suck and sometimes you just can’t help it.

The blushing curse

This has got to be the most annoying part of being shy. You know how embarrassing it can feel when even the simplest of moments make you blush. It’s a real struggle especially when your friends will make jokes about you and your crush and you can’t help but blush, or if a cute person smiles at you let alone talks and you just brighten up like a tomato probably freaking the other person out or giving the wrong idea to them.


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