10 Fun and Easy Dice Games to Play

Looking to have some fun with your family and friends in a simple way? There are many different types of dice games that can entertain you and the people around you, allowing everyone to have a good time together. Based on their popularity and simplicity, here we have rounded up the 10 fun and easy dice games to play.


Yahtzee is one of the most popular dice games of all time. In this game, players have to score points by rolling dice. The game involves rolling five dice by each player on their turn, which is the main objective of the game and a way for players to score points by making certain combinations of numbers. The rules of the game give some leverage to the players because in one turn they can roll dice up to three times to accomplish various scoring combinations. Each game of Yahtzee is based on thirteen routines. The player who has scored the most points wins. 


Dating back to the mid-1980s, Farkle is one of the oldest dice games. Legendary Games Inc. has been promoting and marketing the game by the name of Pocket Farkle since 1996. Having the same basic rules, there are now many different variations of this dice game, which is widely famous among people of different age groups. Farkle can be played by at least two or more players. Like any other dice game, each player gets their turn of throwing the dice in Farkle. With every turn the score of each player increases. The first player to achieve a total of 10,000 points is usually declared the winner of the game. 

Tenzi Dice

A game of really fast and engaging strategies, Tenzi Dice is one of the best fun and easy dice games to play. In this dice game, each player gets 10 dice to play with. The objective of this game is pretty simple. Players in Tenzi dice have to act very fast and quickly roll their dice. If one of them gets the same number on all of their dice, they have to yell “Tenzi!” and they’ll be declared the winner. The basic rules of Tenzi are very easy and simple to learn, which is why it is liked by young as well as older people. 

Going to Boston 

The Going to Boston dice game is really interesting and fun. It is so exciting and easy that you and your family are surely going to be delighted by adding it to the list of your favorite dice games. According to the rules of this game, each player will get three rolls of the dice on their turn. If on the first throw, a player gets the highest number, they need to put it to one side.  In the remaining two rolls of the dice, the highest is once again put aside. The total of all three dice rolls is the actual score of the player.  The winning rule is simple: the player with the highest score of all the rounds of the game wins.


Based on a creative yet extremely simple strategy, the Beetle is one of the most fun and easy dice games to play. Since it is a dice game, while playing it, players need to roll a die when their turn comes. In the Beetle game, each number on the dice is assigned for a particular body part of the beetle. When players throw the dice, they are allowed to draw a certain part of the insect, according to the number that appears as a result of their dice roll. The player that completes the diagram of the insect first wins the game.


Pig is a very simple dice game based on only one dice. According to the rules of this game, players roll a single dice on their turn. The interesting part of this game is that in one go players can roll dice as many times as they wish. This keeps on adding to their score, resulting in a running total, but could lose all of the scores they have gained in that particular turn if the dice they have rolled shows 1. Like many other simple and basic dice games, the players with the highest score takes the title of the winner. 


Chicago is another very famous dice game. It is suitable for people of all ages. The game is also an ideal choice for social gatherings as it can make them more fun and exciting. Chicago is played with 2 dice and according to the game rules, players are required to score in 11 categories (in all combinations that are possible using 2 dice) in a sequence. The game is based on 11 rounds and each round has a particular combination as a target which can be anything between 2 and 12 in the same sequence. Simply, the player having the highest score at the end of the eleventh round is the winner of the game.

Liar’s Dice

Liar’s Dice is a very exciting game suitable for two or maybe more players. Playing it is a really fun experience as it allows players to deceive each other with the help of the two main game equipment: dice and dice cups. In every round, each player is required to roll dice under their cup and keep it concealed to deceive and make it hard for other players to detect its face value. The player then starts bidding. They announce any face value, as well as the minimum number that the player believes, is shown on the dice under the cup. If the player has guessed it right, they win, otherwise, the challenger wins. 

Left Center Right

Left Center Right is one of the most fun and easy dice games. Well, you don’t only need dice to play it but also poker chips. At least three players are needed to play Left Center Right. Arrange your setup for the game on a table. Make sure there is enough space for the players to place their poker chips. According to the rules of the games, each player throws the dice and counts the number of dots rolled. As the game continues, players start losing their chips. However, even if a player doesn’t have any chip at all, they remain a part of the game until the winner is decided. The winner of the game is the player who still has chips left in their possession. 

Beat That!

Advertised as the ultimate party game, and rightfully so, Beat That! is a dice game that is based on 10 exciting rounds of different types of challenges. You need to pick up a challenge card and read it in front of other players. Each player then places a bet to complete the challenge. Once all the bets are placed, players start attempting different tasks according to the challenge. Those who are able to complete it get their share of points. The player who has scored the most points at the end of the tenth round becomes the winner and champion of the game. 

Well, these were the 10 most fun and easy dice games to play. There are also many different types of 2-player board games that allow two people to have fun together competing with each other. All these dice, board, and card games may sound old school but they are the best way for people to bond with each other, without relying on any of today’s world technologies.


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