8 Best Horror Indian Movies You Should Watch

From haunted houses to demonic forces and evil spirits, you will find Indian horror movies on many different subjects that are famous among horror flick fans around the world. We know that Bollywood does not produce as many horror movies as other film industries around the globe do, but still, there are some pretty decent options available for you to watch and get entertained if you are a horror movie fan. So, let’s find out more about the 8 best horror Indian movies you should watch.

Ragini MMS

Released in 2011, Ragini MMS is a movie about a couple that goes to a deserted farmhouse to spend the weekend. There they are confronted by a series of paranormal events. The entire film has been shot as a homemade video to give it a more realistic look. Ragini MMS was inspired by Paranormal Activity, which was a very famous American horror movie released in 2007.


Bhoot, which means Ghost in Hindi, has a starcast based on famous lead actors like Ajay Devgan (Vishal) and Urmila (Swati) Matondkar. The movie is about a couple who move into an apartment not knowing that one of its previous residents (a housewife and a mother) had committed suicide after killing her own son. Swati then gets possessed by the ghost of the woman who committed suicide and this is how the story of the movie takes a horrifying turn.


Want to watch one of the best horror Indian movies? Check out Bulbbul. The film is based on a very compelling subject. It is a supernatural thriller the story of which revolves around a child-bride, her painful past in a small village that is plagued by an unexplainable force, which murders men. The movie was released on Netflix in 2020.

Bhool Bhulaiyaa

Bhool Bhulaiyaa is like one of those not so scary horror movies. The movie’s genre is horror/comedy. It was released in 2007 and ran successfully due to its gripping story and well-known cast. Akshay Kumar was the lead actor in the movie, who is quite popular for his roles in various other comedy and action movies. The plot of the movie revolves around a family living in their ancestral palace, which is apparently haunted by Manjulika, the ghost of a classical dancer from Bengal. 


Raaz, which means secret in Hindi, is one of the best horror Indian movies you should watch. It is a part of an Indian horror movie franchise produced by Mukesh Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt. The very first installment of Raaz was released in 2002. The movie is about a couple—played by Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea—who has just moved to a country home to bring their married life back on track. In an already struggling relationship, things go absolutely the opposite of what they expected. Haunted by the ghost of a girl, the wife must solve the mystery about her husband’s conspiracy related to a murder to escape and get back to a normal life. 


Released in 2018, Tumbbad became one of the most successfully running Bollywood horror movies. It became the very first Indian movie that got featured in the 75th Venice International Film Festival. Other than this, Tumbbad was also screened at various other international platforms. The movie is basically about a supernatural being, which according to many people is the goddess of prosperity. According to the plot of Tumbbad, a family builds a shrine of this goddess, which is basically a monster who should never be worshiped. Due to their greed of acquiring goddess unlimited wealth, they are confronted by a chain of catastrophic incidents. 

The House Next Door

The House Next Door is one of the best horror Indian movies you should watch. It was released in 2017 and is also available on Netflix. Along with the Hindi version, the movie is also available in the Tamil language. Among Tamil viewers, this horror flick is known as Aval. The House Next Door is about a brain surgeon and his wife living a happy and peaceful life. Their perfect life takes an unsuspected turn when a family moves into a house right next door, which has a mystery related to its history waiting to be unraveled. 


Raat, which means night in Hindi, is one of the oldest Bollywood horror movies, which is widely identified as a noteworthy effort to introduce the horror genre into mainstream Indian cinema. The movie was released in Hindi and Telugu languages. It was written and directed by Ram Gopal Varma, one of the most celebrated directors and producers of the Indian film industry. The plot of the movie is based on a family of four who moves to an allegedly haunted mansion. It is when unexplainable things start happening in their lives. 

Some of the aforementioned movies are really scary. In fact, they may be as terrifying as many other horror movies that you should never watch alone. Share this article among your friends and family and plan out a movie night together—it’d be fun!


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