29 Fun Family Board Games to Play in 2021

Giving you hours of fun and entertainment, playing board games is how you can make the most of your family time. People of all age groups can participate in them to compete with each other. 

Here we have listed down and discussed the 29 fun family board games that’ll keep every member of the household entertained. 


The Cluedo board game, shortened as Clue, is about solving a murder mystery. The game can have anywhere from three to six participants. Players of the game need to find out who is the murderer, the weapon used for murder, and identify the location of the crime scene. 

Exploding Kittens

A weird but fun combination of kittens and explosions. You can call Exploding Kittens a ‘kitty-powered’ version of Russian Roulette. The game is about players waiting for their turns and drawing cards. It continues until a player draws a card with an exploding kitten and loses.  


In the Catan board game, players are required to take on different roles as settlers, They have to establish holdings by trading as well as acquiring resources.  As the settlements of players grow, they gain victory points. The first player who achieves 10 victory points is declared a winner. 


Monopoly is one of the best fun family board games. It is based on an economics-themed concept. The game requires players to roll two dice and make their way around the game board. They need to buy and trade properties to make progress. To win, they have to collect rent from other players until they become bankrupt. 

Connect Four

Connect Four is an abstract strategy game in which the players have to choose a color and then drop colored discs whenever their turn comes into a vertically suspended grid having seven columns and six rows. The players must prevent their opponents from connecting the four colored discs horizontally, vertically, or diagonally if they want to win the game. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? 


Spontuneous (The Song Game) is a very famous old-school-type board game that involves no electronics at all. It is a perfect way to keep the entire family entertained as the game is suitable for age groups. The first player selects a word and the rest of the players have to sing a song (at least a phrase of it) containing that word. 

Code Names 

As the name of this board game suggests, Codenames is actually a very interesting game, which is centered around the idea of guessing a one-word clue that may point to a set of different words on the board. Players of this game are split into two teams. Each team is led by a ‘spymaster’ while others in the team are field operatives.

Double Ditto

Thinking of playing a fun family party game? Try Double Ditto. In this game, players have to be clever and quick. You’ll have to write down answers that, according to you, other players will write. Match your answers with other players to score a “ditto!” as well as a “double ditto”. As few as 4 players can play this game. 


Blokus is one of the best fun family board games. It is an abstract strategy board game, designed for at least two or a maximum of four players. The game is played on a square board, which has 20 rows and 20 columns, 400 squares in total. While playing this game, players have to score points and compete with other players by spreading their pieces of color and covering most of the board.

Ticket to Ride

Playing Ticket to Ride is a fun experience for family and friends. In this game, players have to collect and play matching train cards in order to claim railway routes that connect different cities through North America. The game’s simple rules paired with a beautiful design make it a very exciting and easy board game for anyone to participate. 


Jenga is one of the most popular games to improve physical skills. To participate in this game, players have to keep removing blocks on their turn — one block at a time. A tower constructed of 54 blocks is dismantled piece by piece. Each block that is removed from its place is then positioned on top of the structure. As players continue playing, it results in a progressively more unstable tower.


Labyrinth is a board game that can be played by family members or a group of friends. It is designed for two to four players. The game is based on a maze comprising both fixed and moving pieces. The goal of each player is the collection of treasures in the labyrinth and get back to the starting position. 

Mouse Trap

Considered as one of the best fun family board games, Mouse Trap is based on a three-dimensional board and components. According to the game rules, at first, the players cooperate with each other to build a mousetrap. Once the players are done building it, they turn against each other and start attempting to trap each other’s mouse-shaped game pieces.

Not Parent Approved

If you’re looking to have some fun with your parents or kids, don’t forget to check out this hilarious fill-in-the-game card game.  It is a kid-friendly game in which a player reads a card that has an incomplete sentence with a blank. In response to this move, the other person replies by choosing the card with the funniest answer to complete the sentence. 


Heist is a cooperative/competitive board game that is really exciting and has only one winner. Players in this game are professional thieves who have been given the task to break into a secret facility and loot the so-called ‘Executive Vault’. In the game, you can keep other valuables as well as you continue playing. The person with the most valuable items in possession wins. 

Unstable Unicorns Card Game

Unstable Unicorns is one of the most popular strategic card games. Your goal as a player of this game is to take the lead and be the first person to collect at least seven Unicorns in your play area. You can use different cards to outrun or hinder the progress of the opponents but remember the players you are competing against may also have the same strategic tools at their disposal. 

Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game

Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game is a very exciting balance game, which can be played by 1-4 players. The game involves a multitude of activities, such as setting up the frame, spinning the spinner, as well as balancing the color-coded pieces to put together a unique hanging structure. The game is even more challenging when played alone. 


Pictionary is a very simple game, which is all about art. While participating in this game, one player has to choose a card with a word or phrase mentioned on it and then get fellow teammates to guess what’s on the card by drawing images. No letter, number, or verbal clues are allowed in the game.


Cranium features a lot of different activities including wordplay, sleuthing, sketching, acting, and much more. It allows players to show off their talents. While playing this game you have to make your moves around the board accomplishing different tasks in 4 fun categories. In this game, players can team up to play and win. 


Taboo is another great party game that can be played when family and friends are together. It includes hundreds of cards with a never-ending list of Guess words. So, get your teammates to say the Guess word you’ve picked up without mentioning or giving an obvious hint about the forbidden words on the card. 

Family Feud Card Game

Themed after your favorite TV game show, Family Feud Card Game is a very exciting game that will provide hours of entertainment. Designed for 3 players or more, this game is suitable for children, youth, and adults, especially individuals of 10 years old and up ages. Play with 3 or more. The game is very addictive because of its simple rules. It features hundreds of cards based on questions from a variety of topics. 

Classic Twister

Classic Twister is one of the oldest fun family board games. It is usually played on a large plastic mat that is spread on the floor or ground. It is an action-packed game for kids and teens. You need at least 2 players for playing Classic Twister. However, the game is the most fun if it is played with the participation of 4 players. 

Herd Mentality

Figuratively known for its “udderly amoosing” experience, Herd Mentality is a very famous family game that everyone loves. In this game, you need to beware of the pink cow. If your answer is the odd one, you’ll have very little chance of winning and you’ll get stuck with the pink cow of doom. It is important for you to get rid of the pink by giving an appropriate answer that blends in if you want to win.


rapidough game

Rapidough is another very famous fun family board game that is suitable for people that are aged 8 and up. It can be played with two teams. Each team grabs a card and shapes the dough in such a way that it depicts the word. Whichever team guesses the word correctly wins the round. On the other hand, the losing team may suffer a loss of a Chunk of their precious dough. 


An extremely fun team game that revolves around quick-fire descriptions, while playing ARTICULATE! players have to describe as many cards as possible within 30 seconds for others to guess. The game has strict rules according to which ‘rhymes with’ or ‘sounds like’ words are strictly not allowed. The first team that successfully gets around the board wins. 

Sushi Go!

Sushi Go! is a very famous pick and pass card game. As the name of this game suggests, you can score points and make progress by making the most maki rolls or even by collecting a full set of sashimi. It is a highly interesting and easy-to-learn game, suitable for people of different age groups. 


In the Pandemic board game, you need to work together and come up with a strategy to save humanity against four diseases that have spread across the world. You must find a cure for every disease before it gets too late. Make sure you are working on the right strategies to contain the spread. You may not have any chance of winning if there are too many virus outbreaks.


If you are playing the Risk board game, your goal will be very simple: you need to aim to conquer every territory of your enemies. Build an army and move your troops to strategically engage them in battle. A player either defeats the enemy or is defeated by them, it all depends on the roll of the dice. It is one of the most exciting family board games. 

Watch Ya’ Mouth

Watch Ya’ Mouth is based on more than 1,000 phrases available in the game and its expansion packs that are usually sold separately. Providing a great balance of humor, entertainment, difficulty, and diversity, playing this game is endless fun. It is designed for 3-10 players and can be played with family and friends. 

5 Second Rule

5 Second Rule is another highly engaging card game. It has more than 150 fun cards. Players need to pick a card, read the topic that seems easy, and then start the timer! In only 5 seconds the other players have to name 3 things that fit the topic. It will help players keep their minds sharp and highly responsive. The game can be played with 3 or more players with ages 10 and above. 

Playing one of the aforementioned 29 fun family board games is among the best ways to yield hours of entertainment for everyone in the house, which also brings the whole family together. There are also many 2 player board games that will allow two persons to have a great time together, challenging and competing with each other. 

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Written by Spencer K