No Props, No Problem: 15 Engaging Games to Play with Friends Anywhere

Planning what to do at the next sleepover or hangout with your friends? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Here is our list of 15 interactive games to play with friends without anything– yes, without any props or gadgets!

1. Charades

This game is surely a tried and tested source of entertainment when you are with a couple of friends! Charades include forming two teams with around 2-4 players per group. One person from a group is given a movie name, song or book title by the other team that they have to act out in front of their team members which they have to guess. The rules for the game are what makes it so interesting. The person cannot speak and can just provide some clues to its group members!

The basic clues, although they may have evolved with time and culture are:

  • Specify the number of words by showing the same number of fingers and whichever one you are acting out first, show that finger.
  • If it is a movie name, act as if a camera is rolling.
  • If its is a book title, act as if you are reading a book.
  • If it is a song title, act as if you are signing.

The players have 60 seconds to guess the title. If they run out of time, they lose the game!

2. 20 Questions

Another guessing game that requires no material, all you need are a couple of friends! So how is it played? One person has to think of something which can either be a person, place or a thing while the rest of the people are supposed to guess what it is by asking ‘yes or no’ questions in turns. Note that up to 20 questions can be asked. If the group pf people fail to guess what it is after asking 20 questions, the person wins!

3. Never Have I Ever…

This is a popular game played by a lot of teenagers and young adults during parties and gatherings. While this game is commonly played with some props such as drinks, this game can easily be played verbally! Here’s how to play it: So, the players have to raise all 10 of their fingers and one by one, they start off with ‘Never Have I ever…” and adding something that they have never done. While the other players listen to it and those who have done it confess to it by putting one finger down! This way, the game goes on as other players turn by turn, say something that they have never done and wait for others to either put their finger down or not.

4. The Floor is Lava

This game rose to a lot of popularity in recent years as it was n trending on several social media platforms and become a source of a lot of memes and posts that were frequently shared by users. While the trend has seemed to died down as a lot of solo sports trending in, there is no doubt that this is a fun game to play without using anything and that too can be played indoors! As the name suggests, the floor is considered as a forbidden place to touch or land on in the game. One person shouts the title of the game ‘The Floor is Lava’ while others rush to climb or sit on any surface that they can find within a few seconds, apart from the floor. Whoever fails to do it in the given time loses.

5. Chinese Whisper

An oldie but a goodie, this game never gets old for being fun without having much to do and you can play it anywhere! Chinese Whisper also commonly known as Telephone is a game where one person whispers a message to another and the cycle goes on, with as many people. The final person is supposed to say this message out loud while the initial person confirms if it is the same message or the words have been changed. But what makes it such an interesting game? In most of the cases, the message that started out as something else becomes a totally different thing by the time it reaches the last person. Mostly funny messages are conveyed in order to make the game fun!

6. Hide n Seek

Yes, yes…we know it is a kid’s game but hide n seek can be played anywhere – whether you are inside or outside and literally nothing is required! This game is especially fun at nighttime and a best summer camp game and you might enjoy it more than you think you would

7. Would You Rather…?

Another question game which you can play with your friends and get to really know them! This game features asking ‘Would you rather…? questions where each player thinks of two things and others have to choose between the two options. This is an interesting way to pass your time; your friends can ask as many questions as they like as there are no rules!

8. Red Light, Green Light!

A childhood all-time favorite game that is played and enjoyed by a lot of people. Although there are some people who don’t even know what it is! So, for those of you who don’t know the rules, read below: One person is assigned as the ‘traffic light’ while other players stand far away in a line, facing his/her back. The traffic light can say either ‘Red Light’ which means that the players cannot move or ‘Green Light’ which allows the players to walk until red light is called again. If anyone is caught moving by the traffic light, he/she gets out till one player is left. This is an exciting game to play with no limit to the age!

9. Two Truths & One Lie!

A guessing game that surely does not get boring. If you are looking to do something interesting with your friends, then this is the game for you! Just gather your friends in a group and one by one start telling 3 statements out loud- 1 would be a lie and 2 truths and make others guess which one is a lie. Upon collecting everyone’s opinion on which one is the lie, the player reveals the correct answer. These can be usually personal confessions/statements so it is yet another great way to get to know others or test your friendship!

10. T.A.G

Fun Fact about this game that you may not know: TAG stands for Touch and Go which is quite literally what the game is about!  This is an ideal game to play outdoors with your friends, just have an open space where you can easily run. There are multiple versions to this game but the original one is just choosing one person who runs around tags people one by one.

11. Marco Polo!

This is THE game for you to play with your friends at your next pool party! The rules for this game are pretty simple- one person is selected as ‘Marco’ who has to close his/her eyes and catch other people. To make things fun, the person can shout ‘Marco’ various times to which the other players have to respond with ‘Polo’! This makes finding others easier while keeping your eyes closed!

12. Truth or Dare?

The OG game that can be played anywhere at any time. While asking truth questions can get boring, the real fun lies in giving out dares. So, make sure that your friends are adventurous enough to pick dares or you can always ask embarrassing truth questions to make things entertaining!

13. Sing a Song

If you and your friends love to sing, then this game is for you! This game starts with one person singing a song and stopping at one point. The last letter of the last word that has been sung is for the other person to think of a song and sing it. Following this rule, you can play with multiple people or just 2 friends! However, if the person cannot come up with a song in 10 seconds, then he/she is out!

14. Finish the Lyrics

Another singing activity, this is a great pastime game to play with your friends. Just starting singing a few lines of a song and ask others to complete the lyrics of the song. Whoever does it first, wins the game and can start with a new one and so on.

15. Dance Competition

While this is not really a game but you can add your own rules and get a little crazy with your friends! If you and your group are some pro dancers, then you can get really serious about it. One person can select some songs beforehand and two people at a time can dance off while others can vote on who did it better! To prevent any fighting, you can keep the votes anonymous! These no equipment games are surely some of the best games out there. Now all that is left is for you to try them out with your friends!

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Written by Openiun