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Out of Curiosity: Does Age Matter in Entrepreneurship?

Age does matter when we are thinking to start a new business. However, there are a few factors related to skills, experience, time and energy that depends on the age of the prospective entrepreneur. So, let’s discover more of this interesting topic!

Age is one of the most significant factors to think about when we have plans to start a new business. This whole scenario mostly depends on opportunities. There are those people who begin their ventures in the latter half of their life after they have saved money that could be used to invest in a particular business. On the other hand, we have those who think that it is better to start as early as possible and this makes them to become entrepreneurs in the early age.

Now that we have introduced you to both of these cases, we would also like you to put in front of you a few factors that causes individuals to achieve entrepreneurial success, regardless of their age. These factors differ for both of the age groups.

Advantages of Being a Young Entrepreneur

Here is a list of some advantages for those who are young and thinking to start with their business:


There is no doubt in it that people who are of younger age have more enthusiasm in them. They are quite eager about everything they think of. This quality fills them up with hope and they see all the possibilities around them. Of course, they have got a young heart to get all that energy pumped in their system, making them think in a highly optimistic way.

Risk Takers

When talking about young people and risks, it seems as if we are talking about their daily routine. It is an undeniable fact that young people are more daring to take risks as compared to the older people. It is one of the biggest reason that we mostly see young entrepreneur gaining rapid success in this digital age.

Mark Zuckerberg, who owns Facebook and is one of the most successful young entrepreneur describes risk taking as: “The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”


Yes, we know that young people do not have much to worry about. Of course, they don’t have a family that relies on them and this thing gives them a very big advantage. In this way, they get more time to concentrate on their venture and come up with brilliant ideas.

It is not that they only think more but obviously they get more time to work that helps their business to progress in the right direction. Their focus is not distorted by anything because they are already living a tension-free life and the only thing that keeps nudging them is the wariness of making their proposed venture successful, letting them work harder for it.

Benefits of Being an Aged Entrepreneur  

So, if you are a mature person and thinking to something useful with your savings, then you are on the right track. Just don’t forget to read the benefits we have listed below for you!


It is one of the key aspect that plays a highly important role when we are talking about running a particular business successfully. Maturity comes from years of life and work experience. It tells us a long tale about the professional life of an aged person and how they have tackled through thick and thin, to keep things going smoother in their life. They apply the same strategies while handling their venture to turn it into a success story.

“Good decisions come from experience and experience comes from bad decisions.” – Unknown

Keen Listener

When you have lived a good part of your life and faced numerous circumstances, all these factors make you a good listener. It has been observed that people who are experienced and have reached to their mature age, get their listening skills enhanced naturally. This thing is also very useful in terms of entrepreneurship.

Good listening skills help aged people to make good decisions for their business as they do not rush to any conclusion, instead they pay heed to each and every aspect related to their venture. It helps them to act smartly and choose a way that is beneficial and could lead them to their entrepreneurial goals.

Wisdom and Sensibility

All those qualities that include experience, good listening skills, maturity and many other old age aspects combine to make a person more wise and sensible. Mature entrepreneurs can tackle things more wisely and confidently as compared to their younger counterparts and it is fact that no one can deny. The skills, knowledge and experience they are have are their greatest weapons that help them in keep going with their entrepreneurship successfully.

Anthony Douglas, a very famous author has expressed a highly interesting and encouraging quote about wisdom on one occasion and this is what he has to say: “Knowledge comes from learning wisdom comes from living.”

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