Memento Made Review

Since COVID-19 hit and most of us have been stuck indoors, many have availed their time in quarantine and launched their own small business, straight from home. One of my favorite small businesses that I found over the last few months is Memento Made. It is based in Canada and sells unique handcrafted apparel and accessories. I ordered a few items from them and thought I would do a quick review. So without further ado, here is my Memento Made Review.

About The Company

Specializing in hand made and hand crafted apparel accessories, Memento Made’s goal is to create exclusive and meaningful products for their customers that look just as great as they feel. Each of their items is indeed handcrafted and offers unique prints and designs. 


Currently, they are offering a wide variety of Face Masks, Scrub Caps, Mask Lanyards and Headbands. So if you’re looking for cute prints and want to support a small business, I recommend checking out their products.

My Order

Item #1: Topknot Headband – Mist

headband, topknot headband, mementomade, grey headband

Rating: 4/5

Made from a medium weight knit fabric that was very very soft to the touch. The headband also had a decent amount of stretch to it so it is easy to fit many head sizes. Overall, very pleased with how it looked and wore.

Item #2: Mask Lanyard – Batch Made in Heaven

mask chain, mask lanyard,
covid, face mask, mask lanyard

Rating: 5/5

Definitely my favorite item from the entire order. This innovative lanyard is a great way to have your mask around your neck in the event you need to take it off. I find it very handy and it makes sure I don’t misplace my mask. Perfect if you’re going on hikes and want to take your mask off but have nowhere to put it. I haven’t seen a product like this elsewhere on the market so I had to grab it as soon as I saw it. Plus it comes in a cookie monster print, what more could you want?

Item #3: Custom Face Mask – Pink Plaid Print

pink face mask, cloth face mask, plaid face mask, mementomade face mask, covid

Rating: 5/5

One of the things I really like about Memento Made is that they also take custom orders. I ordered a custom mask, tailored to my exact face measurements as most store masks are too big for my face. The mask I received was exactly what I had wanted. It was made with 100% cotton and was pretty soft, and included a filter pocket which I find handy so I can insert my own face mask filter into it for added protection. 

If you’re into unique face mask prints, then order your next mask from Memento Made and you won’t be disappointed.

That concludes my Memento Made Review. Overall, pleased with my order and very happy with how everything came. I recommend this site for anyone who is into unique, cute items and is a great place to purchase gifts for friends and family. 

Let me know your favourite small businesses that you have come across recently in the comments below and let’s all support small businesses together!


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