How to Prepare for a Phone Interview

After the coronavirus pandemic and its related lockdown restrictions, a lot of people have now started working remotely. They stay connected with their peers and colleagues for work-related tasks through phone calls and different messaging apps, the ones that are specifically designed for corporate communication.

This is why phone interview for a job has also become a pretty common phenomenon these days. For you as a candidate, it can save you a lot of traveling time, expense, and energy. However, this doesn’t mean at all that it is easy. You need to be much more careful in giving a phone interview than an in-person interview. Your voice should sound crisp, clear, and confident. Otherwise, it would put a bad impression on the interviewer. 

So, if you also have to appear for a phone interview and looking for some guidance in this regard, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to give you some useful tips on how to prepare for a phone interview.

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Confirm the Time

You should be very vigilant when it comes to the timings of your interview. Prepare everything beforehand. It could be your chance t land your dream job and you can’t just ruin it by losing track of time. You should be confirmed about the timings of your interview. Ask twice about it, if need be.

Research the Company

The interviewer may ask questions about the company or its core operations. So, make sure you thoroughly the company and about its history before you appear for a phone interview as you can’t take any chances. Try out Glassdoor for finding out information on the company.

Look Over the Job Description

Nowadays, job descriptions are very detailed and self-explanatory. This could help you get prepared for your interview. Carefully go through each and every point of the job description of the position you are applying for. Having thorough information about the position you are willing to join will leave a very good impression on the interviewer.

Be An Active Listener

This is one of the best phone interview tips. You have to enhance or at least practice your listening skills. This is very important when you are having a phone interview as you won’t be meeting the interviewer in person, instead, your entire communication will depend on a phone call. 

This makes it necessary for you to listen carefully and respond. You don’t wanna end up replying incorrectly as it could mess things up and you could lose the job opportunity.

Charge Your Phone

If you are supposed to get your interview call on your mobile phone, make sure to keep it fully charged. Phones with low charging are prone to unsuspected shutdowns and you don’t wanna take any chances.

Have Your Resume Ready

You may have already emailed your resume but you should always keep a copy of it with you when appearing for an interview, whether on phone or in person. Your interview can ask you about our resume out of the blue and you have to be prepared.

Speak Clearly

Like we already mentioned, you may not be meeting the interviewer or your potential employer in person. This means the only way they can judge your candidacy is through your voice and its tone. So, speak with as much clarity as possible. You should sound confident yet very humble and polite. This is one of the most useful tips on how to prepare for a phone interview.

Prepare Your Notes

It is easy to forget to say some of the most important things because of both excitement and anxiety before an interview. This is why one of the most useful tips to prepare for a phone interview is to keep notes with you. By mentioning all the important things in your interview, you make the right impression on your potential employer.

Eliminate Distractions

Tell your friends and family that you are about to have a phone interview so they won’t message or call you at that particular time. Silent all social media notifications on your phone in order to eliminate all possible distractions. Sit in a quiet room during the interview and stay focused.

Practice Interviewing

You know, as they say, practice makes a man perfect. If you want to give your best shot in the interview, you need to rehearse for it beforehand. Start practicing a few days before your interview if you have time. The more you practice, the better will be your performance during the interview.

Don’t Get Interrupted

As discussed, eliminate all distractions and don’t get interrupted during the interview. It would not be good for the flow you are in. You may get confused or panicked if you failed to pick up from where you left. Your interviewer may think that you are not confident or good enough for the position. If you really want to ace your phone interview, keep your head clear.

Follow Up After the Interview

If you have given the interview and you aren’t heard back, it will always be good to follow up after a few days or at least a week maybe, depending on the position requirement. Sometimes hiring processes takes time and if you are following up after the interview, they would know that you are serious and concerned about getting the job.

Take It As Serious As In-person Interview

You can never take a phone interview lightly. Things in a phone interview can be even trickier than a normal interview. It can also be your first step to impress your potential employer before you meet them face to face. So, try your level best to nail the call and convey every piece of information diligently.

These were some of the most useful tips to prepare for a phone interview. Keep following for more informative posts on different lifestyle-related matters.


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