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Some Historical Facts That Will Leave You Awestruck

After going through a bunch of our course books and attending a few lectures on history or simply by googling it, we assume as if we have known almost everything about the human history. To be very honest, we don’t even try to do some research by ourselves to get to know the in-depth knowledge about the past from which we have evolved. Today we have decided to tell you some interesting things about the history. Some really strange and amazing historical incidents and happenings. So, let’s find out!

Using Dead Men’s teeth

After going through the history of dentistry, we found out that up to the middle of the 19th century, there was a practice of using teeth from dead soldiers as dentures. However, such kind of practice was declined both by the health experts and the scientists and still it took another 45 years for the first dentistry qualification to be introduced.

A major part of human history is lost

Yes, you read it right! A fact you might have not known before but it is true that about 97% of human history is lost. It is chiefly because of the reason that the existence of mankind can be traced way back to about 200,000 years and in contrast to it, humans have started recording history just 6000 years ago. It means that we may never be able to know what happened in those 194,000 years that have never been recorded.

Friendly Fire

We may have heard a lot about this term in the video games that we play a lot but it happened in real with Austrian army at least twice in history when they opened fire on their men and this incident caused the death of thousands of their own soldier, making them to lose the battle. It is one of the biggest mistakes that one could commit at such level. In short, it can be said that Austrian army defeat itself, triggering the loss of about 10,000 men.

Mammoths Around Pyramids

However, the fact that is going to be revealed here to most people’s beliefs, as it has been found out that some of these creatures were not as ancient as they are considered to be. Strange evidences have been recovered from Egypt that somehow proves the fact that though no man ever saw or came face to face to a living dinosaur during his lifetime, but that’s not the case with those excessively woolly mammoths. Yes, they roamed the face of the Earth even at the type when the Egyptian pharaohs were busy building the pyramids of Giza. Wow, isn’t that crazy?

The Deadliest Volcanic Eruptions

Vesuvius: The Vesuvius eruption that took place in the year 79 AD, it destroyed everything that came in its way. The entire Roman settlement of Pompeii was buried under millions of tons of volcanic ash, causing the death of about 2000 people and almost nothing was left behind as illustrated in the video all of this devastation happened within the time span of 24 hours.

Thera: Taking you more than 1700 years back when one of the deadliest volcanic eruption took place at Thera(Santorini) in 1646 BC. It was over 100 times more powerful than the explosion at Vesuvius. Wtih the power of 40 atom bombs exploding at the same time, the interior of the island was completely blown away by its force and because of which the physical feature of that particular region was completely changed forever.

A low-voltage switch prevented calamity

It all happened in the year 1961 when North Carolina was about to be hit by nukes accidentally. Accidentally? Isn’t that shocking? Yes, it is indeed shocking as such kind of incident could have caused destruction at massive scale.

Luckily, it was the low-voltage switch that saved the day for almost entire North American subcontinent as each of the nuclear bombs that fell due to the malfunctioning and crashing of a plane was 260 times more powerful than the ones that were dropped on Hiroshima. The world could not have been entirely different if there was an explosion.

A war that lasted just 45 minutes

Sounds crazy isn’t it, but it actually happened as the military conflict between the United Kingdom and the Sultanate of Zanzibar that took place in August 1896, lasted for about 38-45 minutes. It has been remembered and marked as the shortest war that ever took place in the recorded human history.

The untold facts of history never fail to amaze us

It is true as human history is full of surprises and amazing happenings but many of these facts are horrific as well. However, it is an unfavorable thing to be mentioned not only here but anywhere but according to historic record of the medieval times, there were laws at that time forcing innocent being like animals to face trials as well. It is shocking indeed and made us all to feel extremely glad and relieved to be a part of the modern society.


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