Having an Introvert as a friend

Introverts are known for their extreme shyness and less interactive qualities; they may not be as spontaneous, wild or social as many but they’re unique in their very own way. Don’t be so quick to judge them though because they may depict a vibe of arrogance but in fact majority of the times, it’s just their lack of social skills that make them appear to be that way when they’re far from the opposite in reality.  So if you’ve got an introvert as a friend, cherish them because this is what it is like to be friends with an introvert:

Excellent listeners

Introvert may not talk so much often, they take pleasure in their silence and although it may seem aloof, in reality they are lost deep into their endless thoughts. The ability to control what you speak enables you to have a good ear and this is why introverts are great listeners. Since they don’t speak much they definitely value what you have to say, whether it’s about the day you had or you relentlessly venting out to them, introverts will be the best of listeners!

Incredible understanding skills

Introverts don’t necessary always feel the need to comply with the social norms; instead they act upon what makes them comfortable the most. Since they value their uniqueness and space, they have a better understanding of various situations. Rather than taking offence an introvert would be okay if you call rain check on your hangout even for the simplest of reason.

Great advisers

Friends who are introverts make it easy for you to decide who to take advice from because they are probably the best option available. Introverts value opinions and thoughts; they don’t make quick judgments upon issues and instead take their time to contemplate over them thoroughly. Asking for an advice from introverts will leave you with the best possible answer as they will critically suggest what decision will be beneficial for you without being bias.

Good observation skills

If you ever want to interpret a certain situation or know what a particular message or conversation meant then your introvert friends are the best people to decode it for you simply. Introverts have the ability to take a time out and simply observe their surroundings. They may not speak and interact much which may make them appear bored or disinterested but in fact be aware because they are actually observing every move you make and every word you utter. They can tell your true personality with just their observational skills.

Incredibly loyal and trust worthy

Given that introverts don’t have plenty of friends, the very few that they do have are cherished by them in every possible manner. Introverts take an ample amount of time to open up to someone and they only do so to very few people, if you’re one of them then consider yourself lucky because all the care and love they have within them stored will be relished on you. They will always have your back in every situation and you can rely on them without any doubt.

Highly Independent

While not necessary for all but most introverts are considered to be super independent. They don’t feel the need to rely on another person for their happiness or comfort as they are able to find it on their own even when alone. Having an introvert friend will lead you to a great friendship without overstepping the limits. You will always have your space as they are the best examples of understanding personal space and you won’t ever have to worry about clinginess with them.

Very entertaining

Whoever says that introverts are really boring people, don’t really know what an introvert is truly like so be sure to never fall for those words. Even though it may seem that introverts love keeping it low key, they surely do have a wild and fun side to them also that is shown mostly in front of those they are super comfortable with only. They can be the life of a party and you’ll enjoy their company hysterically until they’re done for the night.

Perfect chillers

Introverts are the perfect people to simply chill with. If you’re not in the mood for a party or night out and simply want to chill with some company then introverts are the people you need. They can keep you entertained even with their silence somehow. A nice long chat on the couch is sometimes what we crave for, isn’t it?

picture courtesy: lee key


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