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Expert Tips to Maintain A Healthy Workplace Routine

Keeping in view the routines that are followed these days it can be concluded that work is a place where healthy habits are difficult to follow. So, let’s find out what to do in such a situation!

Life at work these days can be extremely hectic and, in such situation, making time to think about yourself and your health turns out to be an extremely daunting task and it appears to be an impossible thing to do. However, it has to be considered by individuals that they can always take out time for themselves if they manage their work in a proper way.

Time management at work can directly be related to your health as by effectively managing the tasks in your prescribed working hours, you can prevent yourself from bearing excessive stress. In the beginning, taking out the ‘me’ would appear as one of the most daunting task but in the long run it would be extremely beneficial for you and that you would feel less stressed and more focused while working on a specific task. At the end of the day, you’ll find yourself happier and more productive.

It is natural that when you are in a regular practice of taking some time out of your hectic routine and thinking about your health, then the very first thought that would comes to your mind is going to be about the sitting posture you maintain while you are on your work station.

According to the experts, sitting in front of your computer screen in a same position for about 6 to 8 hours can be extremely damaging for your health both mentally and physically as it also limits your ability to think while causing some serious damages to your inner body.

Here we have gathered a few expert tips that will let you effectively maintain a healthy workplace routine while boosting the level of productivity in you.

Taking a break

It happens with almost all of us especially those who are entangled in extremely demanding daily work routine. Our schedules that are highly tough and always occupied with a lot of work to be done, they make us feel as if we are robots and we have to get done what ever has been assigned to us, one after the another.

The only thing that makes a person leave their desk is when they need to go to the toilet. However, apart from that they just stick their eyes to the computer screens which is absolutely wrong and causes serve harm to one’s health.

So, in the light of all these facts, it is very important for you to follow a schedule while working that contains short breaks of around 5 to 10 mins after every hour or a couple of hours (depending on the work load) to keep yourself from getting exhausted and as a result it will automatically increase the level of output of the task undergone by you.

Stay Hydrated at Work

Yes, we all can admit to the fact that most of us do not drink enough water while we are at our 9-5 desk job. We think that it is not that important to hydrate our body as we are just sitting and doing work. The feeling of thirst is also not usually experienced as we are not sweating or doing something that tests our strength. This is one of the most common misconceptions about a desk job. Hydrating ourselves at work is as important as during strenuous workout.

When we say hydrating, it doesn’t mean at all that you go and consume those sugary juices or fizzy drinks to quench your thirst, in fact you are required to drink plenty of water and it is the best way and another important aspect of adopting the healthy habits at workplace.

So, next time before sitting at your desk, make sure you have the water bottle by your side instead of grabbing any other drink that is comprised of content bad for your health. Keep in mind that there is no substitute to water and we keep on hearing about going through severe medical condition, it is because they don’t take in enough liquid on a daily basis.

Make time for healthy meals

There are two kinds of people if we talk from a general point of view. One category is of those people who eat almost nothing when they are at their job on the other hand there are those people who eat heavy and extremely unhealthy meals when they have taken a break for snacking.

However, both of these people are the enemies of their health. It may be easy for some people to forget taking meals while working but this kind of behavior can be more harmful for them instead of doing any good to them and at the same time excessive eating when you take a break from work, it can also severely impact your health, letting that fat to gather in your body while making you lazy and a patient of multiple diseases.

To avoid all these risks, it your duty towards your health to make it a normal routine of setting aside sometime every day to leave your desk and walk away from it in order to enjoy a healthy meal. The fruitful outcome of it will be when by the time you will be back on your seat, you are going to feel all the energy pouring in and re-energized to perform in a much better and productive way.

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